Mr Lee Kuan Yew : He has given above and beyond his All


Overheard from Sean :

He has given above and beyond his All….

His vision was never in doubt and his executions, tapping into the strength and talent of the right men to do the right jobs in attaining and achieving his vision …proven beyond doubt.

You might have made a few enemies along your path but that’s not because you are doing bad, rather, your determination and courage to take on the bad…which garners much respect.

Where on earth can we find another Lee Kuan Yew in his era to transform a rural tiny Singapore without any natural resources to where we are today.

Singapore is today a shinning Little Red Dot, Singaporean, regardless of race or religion, standing tall in the world today…all from one man who has devoted his entire life unreservedly in making it happens. 

With due respect, allow me to command you for once :

Wake Up….Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The Nation is waiting and calling on you !!!




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