MP Baey Shared This Taiwan Burn Victim Story That Make People Cry.

All it took was for two doctors to care enough to take action and Singaporean burn victim Megan Loy was able to be treated at Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH’s) renowned Burns Centre within a couple of days.The morning after the blaze on Saturday night, her parents had made their way to Taipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital from China. But they felt flustered because the doctors there were too busy with the mass casualties.Unbeknown to them, Dr Tan Bien Keem was in Singapore peering worriedly over a news report about the fire. The head of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at SGH wondered if he could do anything for the Singaporean victim. He got in touch with fellow plastic surgeon Chew Khong Yik from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, who he knew was in Taiwan. Once Dr Chew was alerted, he was at the hospital on Monday morning.There, he drew on his contacts to request medical information on Ms Loy and sat down with the anxious parents.

Mr Joseph Loy, Ms Loy’s father, said: “He did an assessment and explained to us the urgency of sending Megan back as resources in Taipei were stretched due to the mass tragedy.” Ms Loy would also benefit as SGH’s Burns Centre is the only specialised facility managing major burn injuries in South-east Asia.

Dr Chew managed to get Ms Loy a space on the International SOS flight back. Shortly after 6am on Tuesday morning, she was seen by the SGH team. “I was touched by the selflessness of the doctors, who took their own initiative to get everything done fast,” said Mr Loy, 47, a businessman.

“When I asked Dr Chew why he was doing all this, he just said: ‘She is one of our own’.”

The Straits Times, 2 Jul 2015

What did Singaporeans say?

-That sentence says it all, ‘She is one of our own.’ Thank you dear doctors for living the Singapore spirit. Bless you and your team for extending help and bringing hope to a family in need. To Megan, our prayers are with you. Get well soon!

-We will always standby for each other and that’s Uniquely Singapore !!
-I am touched and proud of our doctors! We are ONE SINGAPORE! Praying and believing God for a Speedy and Full Recovery for Megan!
-Dr. Tan and Dr. Chew….you make Singapore proud. “She’s one of our own”. Cuts deep man….really!!!
-That’s the human spirit. We have certainly matured as a nation. Both doctors reacted faster than our foreign office officers and their selfless acts reflected their kindness beyond their call of duties. I would like to thank both Dr Tan & Dr Chew not only as a proud fellow Singaporean and as a parent.






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