MOH Quashes Contaminated Raw Fish Rumours, Singaporeans Condemn Rumourmonger.


The Ministry of Health (MOH) posted a statement on it Facebook page to quash the contaminated raw fish rumours circulating in Whatsapp chat on the outbreak of GBS (Group B streptococcus).

Here is the statement.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has learnt of a circulating message on mobile phones and social media claiming that there is an outbreak of Group B streptococcus (GBS) here due to eating contaminated raw fish. MOH, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) have been jointly investigating this.

There has not previously been any proven link between eating fish, raw or otherwise, and GBS disease. GBS is a common bacterium that colonises the human gut and urinary tract. It does not usually cause disease in healthy individuals. However, in adults, GBS may occasionally cause infections of the skin, joints, heart and brains. The risk factors for GBS infection include underlying chronic or co-morbid conditions.

What Singaporeans Say?

Within 3 hours, this statement was shared 1500 times and about 100 comments. Here is what Singaporeans say about this contaminated raw fish rumours.

Matthew Seah Always always do a quick fact-check online before spreading such stories. Verify it by checking with reputable and reliable websites or government organizations.

You may have good intentions at heart by sharing “news” like these but all you’re really doing is helping the perpetrator of such hoaxes spread false news and widening the circulation of the chain email. Sometimes, the original author of the story may not have intentionally meant it as a hoax but the inaccurate info will nevertheless mislead people.
Whatever the reasons, this type of false information does have the potential to do actual harm to people. If you’re thinking “Oh it’s just a harmless rumour, what’s the big deal?” – Well, think again. Imagine the livelihood of hawkers being affected by this rumour or the anxiety felt by members of the public who have consumed the food in question.

And what if there’s an actual occurence of mass food contamination? Won’t the prevalence of such hoaxes lull the public into a dangerous complacency?

Beng Chye Koh now a days and like olden days ( non social media era)….. unless its from main stream media, no news are really having the fact!!!!!!!

Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali This is a ploy by the opposition to discredit the PAP.

Aiai Fah Suddenly everyone is a doctor. Wow.

And how do that person knows that the hospital have a surge of admission of people coming in for fever and swollen joints?

Dave Tan All these hoax information are just too crazy and we ppl are just so dumb to forward it without verification of the the truth of these information.


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