Ministry Leaders Urge Restraint on Kong Hee Arrest


Ministry Leaders Urge Restraint on Kong Hee Arrest

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The arrests Tuesday of five leaders of City Harvest Church (CHC) including its founder Kong Hee have led to a slew of criticism online, worrying ministry leaders who are urging restraint on the part of Christians.

In an email sent yesterday to The Christian Post, the Reverend Dr. Daniel Koh, who is lecturer in pastoral theology and ethics at Trinity Theological College (TTC) and English director of its Centre for the Development of Christian Ministry, noted the reactions to the news in various social media.

It is understandable, the Methodist minister and theologian expressed, that some of the comments are negative and unkind. Yet unkind responses, as well as those that seem to offer blind support of pastors and leaders, are ‘unhelpful’, he emphasised.

The Rev. Dr. Koh went on to prescribe a Christian response: “Apart from praying, what Christians should do at this distressing time is to allow the law of the state to take its course.”

In an email response sent Tuesday to this paper, the Regional Pastor of Hope International Ministries Benjamin Lee highlighted a need for Christians to “watch out for negative and sinful dynamics in our own life” and to “avoid the judgmental spirit and self-righteousness.”

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The National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) in a press statement issued Tuesday said that it is saddened to hear of the arrests and stated its stand on the issue.

“Members of the Christian community are united in disapproving any misuse of public or institutional funds, including money raised by or given to churches,” said the NCCS, which represents most of the Protestant Christians in Singapore. “Dishonesty in financial matters is clearly contrary to the teaching of the church.”

The council said that as the case is now before the courts it awaits the outcome “in establishing the facts.” It added that it welcomes the clarification by DPM Teo that the charges filed by the CAD are against the five individuals and not CHC itself and appreciates the Minister’s call for restraint.

“We call upon the Christian community to pray for Pastor Kong and his associates, and for the members of the City Harvest Church (as) they go through this difficult time,” read the statement, which was jointly issued by the NCCS President, Bishop Terry Kee and its General Secretary Lim K Tham. “It is our prayer that our churches will continue their effort strengthening better governance within their organisation.”

Source : The Christian Post ( Singapore Edition), Wednesday, Jun. 27 2012
Link :  Ministry Leaders Urge Restraint on Kong Hee Arrest

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