Lorry Driver Makes 50k Per Year But Pays Astronomical Among On Income Tax

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But nonetheless, This is a real-life case. We felt that many Singaporeans will be interested to know. As such, we are sharing this post on our site to keep Singaporean informed about the Income Tax in Singapore.

 Lorry Driver Makes 50k Per Year But Pays Astronomical Among On Income Tax

Lorry Driver Makes 50k Per Year But Pays Astronomical Among On Income Tax

What Singaporeans’ Say About Income Tax?

Singapore Matters

Income tax in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world. Even if you are earning $50k a year, after deducting all the personal reliefs, you may still find your income tax liability is zero.

GST is also low compared to the rest of the world where it is a double digit figure. For the lower income group, there is the GST Voucher.

The GST Voucher is made up of three components: Cash, Medisave and Usave.

Taken together with other schemes like WIS Scheme which supplements the income of older workers in the lowest income group up to several thousand dollars a year, and assistance schemes like Chas etc, there is quite a substantial help rendered to the lower income group.

Hamidah Karim Ya, I don’t understand why ppl are complaining. In schools, pupils from lower income families get vouchers to buy books & uniform. School fees subsidies, food coupon etc

Shawn Lim We reap what we sow… in every occupation, there is always a break through… Always be ready to strike when there is opportunity and not wait for the opportunity to fly us by and start blaming everyone except ourselves. Most of us started on same level ground and equal chances are given to everyone. I am grateful for what PAP have done for my parents, my family as well as my next generations. If there are people out there who still feels short changed, please go out to other countries and see how others are surviving when they are not even on level ground. Stop complaining and get your acts together. We are fortunate to have leaders who are willing to listen to their people unlike many others who are in countries where their leaders have rip their money.

Micke Hoong I lived in australia . With a $50k income , the average Australian pays abt $10k annually in income tax.

Sarah Yeo I for one did not support PAP blindly. I for one experienced the help and support from our gahmen. Every GE, I did what my heart told me to do not just because I am grateful of the help and support I received but also because I am blessed with a pair of eyes to see the surrounding peace and progress which is still going on steadily.

I did not come from wealthy family. Indeed, my family and I struggled financially during younger days but never have I blamed the gahmen because life was not so easy. I can be happy simply because I am contented that I still have a roof over my head, I can walk outside past midnight without fear and I know no one can dashed into my house and take my life…. The list and go on and on and on…

I am just an ordinary and simple but yet grateful Singaporean.

William Tey Just don understand what on earth you fellas are complaining about the CPF rule… Almost all the amount is used to pay for your housing… And some went to medisave… A small part went to special account where u can withdraw for investment… It’s still your $$$…. So what’s the beef?

Guru Sharma This is the Govt. For Singapore, PAP can lead you for another 50 years comfortably, You go any other way n you PAY n PAY HEAVILY, YOU CHOOSE?

Mohd Rafi If this driver was a norwegian, how much tax would he have to pay…. because someone i know always talk about how we should copy norway…


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