Lim Swee Say : Businesses should chase Sunrises, not after Sunsets

In the Budget debate yesterday, NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say made an interesting comment. Some employers told him Singapore has become too expensive to do business. 

Swee Say replied that businesses should not keep “chasing after sunsets, keep going for lower-cost locations”. 

Instead, businesses should “chase sunrises” and embrace the future, by exploring opportunities such as 3D printing, robotisation and digitisation of services. 

That’s why we are investing in our people, with new ideas like SkillsFuture Credits, to help Singaporeans pick up new skills and be ready for future challenges. 



Overheard :

About the photo

  •  Is that a real bull or just a sculpture? Nice photography!
  • Wow, beautiful picture that suits the topic perfectly. Being able to chase everyday’s sunrise is a present in itself. Looking forward to everyday’s sunrise is a hope in the heart.
  • Mr PM, you are capturing that “decisive moment”, as what Henri Cartier-Bresson said !


About the message :

  • Never a too expensive place to do business. It all depends on what business you are doing and how you operate your business. It is a matter of business strategy and organisation.
  • Can we pls ensure SkillsFuture Credits are really used on relevant skills and not preyed on by mercenary course providers who look upon it as easy money from govt
  • Lim Swee Say is correct. 
    And if somehow we can integrate this sunrise thinking across both our societal and business worlds, then we have a chance at leaving a truly valuable path for our children to follow.
  •  Chasing sunrises means working through the dark night… but it is a pursuit of hope and possibilities
  • Very good business strategy. I have been applying this strategy with success.
  • Well it is valid feedback on some fronts, even in the developed markets with 3D printing or available tech have lower costs and scale compared to Singapore’s. Chasing ‘sunrises’ here may need some imagination but also a feasible cost base.
  • Lim Swee Say made a good speech…. Heard the highlight of what he said over radio. He said our SMEs should stop moving to lower-cost manufacturing countries (chasing after sunsets, the end point is darkness) but rather look towards doing more higher-value works (going towards sunrise, the end point is definitely brightness).
  • US and Germany are always embracing the future instead of dwelling in the past or status quo on the current. That’s why they are super powers. Life long learning has to be in the blood, brain and sweat of the citizens, while facilitation by the state is a bonus which we now have. 

    Time to change mind set and stop complaining about petty things? 




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