Law Minister Shanmugam Condemns Bully And Praises Hero

Law Minister Shanmugam posted his view about the MRT bully in the viral video. This is what he said.

Came across this video. Unacceptable bullying conduct. People like this are sick in their mind. And try and take it out on others. I hope his employer will take some action, against him – he brings his organisation into disrepute.

Good to see someone, in this case Elfy standing up to this bully. His comments on the incident, that we are a multiracial society that should respect each other, are wise. Elfy’s comments can be seen in the post link below.

If you have missed the video, you can view it here.

What Singaporeans Say

His post attracted more than 2000 likes and more than 150 comments. This is what Singaporeans say.

While some urge the police to take action

Sky Limit Hi sir, I hope the police will do something to the Ang mo, if not he think the law cannot against him . We should praise and award the Malay guy who stand out to stop it. If the boy shirt is illegal then why is been sold in the first place. By wearing the shirt is nothing wrong. I salute the Malay guy.

David Koh Sir, can the govt trace this guy and act against his actions. Maybe highlight to his employer or something ?

Prem Singh Strange that the police is not taking action. Mr. Minister are you asking his empoyer to discipline him? Were is the law when we need it? What if this guy was to beat up Mr. Elfy? Strange ???

Many others echo Minister Shanmugam’s sharing

Parthiben Ben Thank you Mr Shanmugam.Great that you highlighted this…Action must be taken against this Caucasian.Totally uncalled for behaviour.Well done Elfy!!

Rubie Govindraj The old man should be told that THAT is not the way to bring such a matter up – by confronting and threatening the youth. The old man owes an apology to the commuters on that train!

Clarice Viola Pereira Sir thanks for commending Elfie as he stood up for a fellow Singaporean. We are one united people as our pledge says so it’s good to see you cordoning the actions of the MRT bully. But action must be taken as a deterant so others won’t bully as in our own country. Please lead the way Sir.

Aline Ang i am happy to see Mr Shanmugan speaking his mind and says what it is, instead of being politically correct. smile emoticon

Then there are some who can’t help but politicise it.

Darren Sherry Bullies of whatever race should never be tolerated.
I read the ministers comments differently than most…I don’t see him commending Elfy for standing up for Singaporeans, the word Singapore is not ussd. I read it as this is how people living in a multi cultural society should act …ie elfy is now a PAP poster boy for it’s policies. Anyone smell a general election coming ?


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