Law Minister K Shanmugam – Police Report On Seditious Facebook Remarks


I have been asked about a Facebook post by Ms Thanapal regarding my comments at a Singapore Press Club event on 27 August 2015. She unfortunately twisted what I had said and suggested that I was an “Islamaphobic bigot who thinks Malay-Muslims are a threat”.

I had not said anything like that.

I spoke about the issue of integration in the Malaysian education system. The key points I wanted to convey were:

1) The Chinese leadership in various local areas in Malaysia want to maintain control over the Chinese population. It suits them to have Chinese students go to Chinese schools instead of mainstream Malaysian schools. And the schools are more Chinese (because they are effectively single race).

2) At the same time, many mainstream schools in Malaysia are becoming more Malay (because the students are largely Malay) and Islamic (e.g. through the way some principals and teachers handle matters) which discourages the Chinese from going into those schools.

3) So you end up with having more Malays going to mainstream schools, and more Chinese going to Chinese schools. As a result, the different races are kept apart from a young age.

4) This makes integration more difficult.

My point therefore was essentially that this is the predominant situation in the Malaysian education system. This is not good for integration.

The video clip of the news carried the essence of what I said, and this is also evident from the transcript of what I said.

What Ms Thanapal wrote is inaccurate and seditious, and attributes to me sentiments that I do not hold and have never held.

I intend to file a police report about this tomorrow.

What Singaporeans’ Say?

Kenneth Lam I was outraged at what she said. It was intentional twisting of facts to incite discord. Excellent decision to file a police report. · 242 · Likes
Sharmini Jc I watched the sg news yesterday and i clearly understood the points u stated. As a malaysian, i could not hold myself from feeling proud of what u have speak up putting aside the fact it must been a disgrace for our leaders. Everyones is busy engaging with our political turmoil that less importance are given on education sector. Situation here is pathetic. Your statements would have hit hard for our unqualified leaders therefore its no surprise if u receive such remarks from them. Thank u for speaking up for us. Your intentions are honest enough for us to understand sir. · 201 · Likes
Anne Jon Tan Dear Sir, I was at the event and saw first-hand how you have been approaching the sensitive topic with tact, and have also reminded the media in presence to practice cautiousness in their interpretation of your intent.

Ms Thanapal (not related at all
) may have grossly misinterpreted your words due to ignorance, but I do hope she is given an opportunity to correct her wrong through the same medium. After all, it’s election time and there are more pertinent matters for you to attend to and allow the residents of Ngee Soon to rally behind your gracious gesture.

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Mervin Quah Perhaps you could wait for a response from her first, Mr Shanmugam ?

Unless she is not remorseful and refused an apology, then a police report can be file then.

It’s election time and all actions by all candidates will be closely watch and anything and everything can be blown out of proportion

Just my humble opinion
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Vanisha Rina Please do so, as soon as possible, Sir.
Her words showed us what kind of a person she is, manipulative woman.
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Cara JL Ang After reading Minister Shanmugam’s post on Ms Thanapal’s accusations here, i went to search for her original post and i could not help but continue reading other things she posts on facebook as well.

She is clearly misguided on many issues and seem t
o hold a very bitter grudge against the world. I think Ms Thanapal is a teacher (according to this particular comment addressing her as teacher) and i find that very worrying. What has she been teaching her students?

I think the police really needs to look into this issue.

*edit: actually no. I think it would be great if this issue can be resolved peacefully. And Minister Shanmugam has already graciously initiated a conversation with Ms Thanapal. Hopefully no one would be so narrow minded as to take matters into his/her own hands and lodge a police report about this just like what happened to amos yee. Also, it will be good if Ms Thanapal can make full use of the opportunity if she ever meets Min. Shan. to voice out whatever concerns she has WRT race etc. however in a respectful and peaceful manner.*
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Winston Chua To say to twist the words of the law minister to attempt to paint him as Islamaphobic is a huge slap in his face. It’s a allegation that merits the harshest response as it is an attempt to divide our society and cause harm to our social fabric · 44 · Likes

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