Kishore Mahbubani : Freedom of the Press in Singapore (video)



Kishore Mahbubani : Freedom of the Press in Singapore (video)


#Overheard :

  • The flow of information is there and always available.
    The restrictions are there to neutralize the very real and potential lethal harm to the society at large. The regulatory legal measures are there to be challenged.
    It can always be tabled as a critical issue come election time for the people of Singapore to decide. No apology required, but its not for the International Media or activists/experts to decide.
  • I am often frustrated that with all these accusations hurtled at our government and TRS is still publishing nonsense to disrupt our harmony.
  • I couldn’t agree more . Those that said singapore has no freedom of speech should go and look at TRS, TOC etc or even some hate speech at LHL FB. And until now i still dont understand why Western media has always bashing at sg.
  • Press freedom 可以当饭吃吗?
  • I feel SG already have Responsible Free Speech & Responsible Free Press already mah…!
  • You gotta hear this! Especially those who think a Total Freedom of Speech and Press shld be implemented in Singapore. How naive can you be?!
  • Our press freedom ranking will always be low. Standards here is higher, their scoop need to be beyond reasonable doubt else they get sue. They can’t published huge front page nonsense at will without research.
  •  I’ve never really liked journalists. I must confess. They are intelligent people. A lot more so that most of the average citizens. In a free and unfettered media environment, they see themselves fit as judge and juror, and impose their verdict and views on the rest. Sort of like an unelected legislative and executive. Without the power and without the responsibility. They divide opinions when convenient to them, unite opinions when it sells the papers and channels. Give them a free hand, they can be a flame to a powder keg. Or an extinguisher to a fledgling flame (a good one in this case, just that its not theirs). 
    They start revolutions, stoke wars just as easily as end them and build consensus. 
    So if being ranked 150 odd for press freedom gives us a bad rep with the west, I’d rather preserve that than have a free press.


  • Yours truly (Michael)  narrative on Civil Liberties : 
    “I tend to see in US, Civil Liberty is much like Greeks (of old), rather indulgent in open discourse but has increasingly turned militant of late – makes one wonder if it has progressed in recent years or will evolved into something ‘sinister’ – SCOTUS has allowed itself to take sides, while many states have ‘lost confidence’ in the impartiality of SCOTUS. 
    As outsider, all these makes one wonder if civil liberties in the ‘freest’ nation is the gold standard for the rest of world. 
    Civil liberties has increasingly been defined by the media & intelligentsia trying to redefine/hijack it with their own definition through militant activism (forced through legal means) which is rather worrying – become more militant by the day. The Utopia of civil liberties, looks increasingly to be heading towards dystopia. 

    “In Singapore, Civil Liberties is seen as a total package – economic, social, spiritual have progressed for benefit (in real terms) in broadest sense of the word for majority & hopefully for all. Equality is not through govt. intervention but govt provide the social space for people’s own effort via ready access to education & provide positive ecosystem for all to equalize opportunity (to level up) for all. Perhaps there are more than one road that lead to civil liberties.








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