Kevin Khoo Bistro – Born in a time of Covid-19 to support displaced SIA cabin crew


The first time I heard of the new bistro in Shenton Way, I was damn excited! A casual western dining concept restaurant opened by ex-employees of the Singapore International Airlines. Now, we’re all familiar with the service standards of SIA right? So, one thing we can be guaranteed of is the top-notch service standards when you dine there!

According to its founders, Kevin Khoo Bistro was born in a time of “social and economic adversity and uncertainty”. But then… who is this Kevin Khoo? The big boss ah? Famous or not?

Lo and behold, some googling after, and I realised “he” is nobody! As in there is no such person lah. Instead, it’s a “reference to a popular meme on how ‘cabin crew’ is pronounced”. Talk about a sense of humour!

As promised on their website – Kevin Khoo Bistro will provide a perfect outlet for their crew to shine, by tapping into what they’re known for in the skies: Exemplary and impeccable service. Hmm, what else can you expect on a visit to the restaurant?

Chiobus and hunks lah, duh! Don’t judge.

Gorgeous service staff at Kevin Khoo Bistro in their super cute uniforms

Thousands of livelihoods at stake, barely any light at the end of the tunnel for the airline industry

Jokes aside, the aviation industry has been terribly hit. The livelihoods of thousands and thousands of cabin crew are at stake. Not funny at all.

Since early this year, the Government has been working with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and industry partners to help place workers in new jobs, and help them pivot or enrol them in suitable traineeship programmes. Labour chief Ng Chee Meng expressed a deep sense of loss and sadness at the inevitable need of local airlines to right-size. “I know it is tough for all concerned. But let us take heart, keep the faith and continue to support one another. Slowly but surely, we will emerge stronger together,” he encouraged the industry’s workers in a recent FaceBook post. It’s not hard to guess what’s keeping this Labour Chief up at night every time a major retrenchment exercise is carried out huh.

Not all doom and gloom though! The resilience of the industry’s worker has been A-MA-ZING thus far. We have seen them taken up jobs at Gong Cha, FairPrice, hospitals among others. And now, the folks behind Kevin Khoo Bistro have offered another outlet for displaced cabin crew.

While the Government and Unions do their parts to support these workers, as consumers, let’s do our part! Give them some much-needed support. Psst, a “PASTA-tively amazing time”, droolworthy western food, and oh, no GST when you dine at Kevin Khoo Bistro run by stewards and stewardesses from SIA. According to the founders, suggestions for names for the restaurant as well as for the dishes had references to crew lingo and memories, like “doors arm” and “thanks for the flight” – all jolting fond memories for ex- and current cabin crew on a support group for Singapore-based SIA cabin crewmates! With SIA allowing its local crew to take up another job while waiting for the industry to recover, the restaurant will be a great avenue for crew members to earn some side income while waiting for their next flight or planning their next move.

Come on, do support if you are in the area!


Good food, good mood. Looks damn yummy sia… the food, I mean the food.


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