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It was a lazy Saturday. A bunch of us were sitting at the cafe chillaxing. One of the guys was scrolling down his newsfeed and shouted,  “Isn’t that Jolovan Wham?” And the rest of us responded: “Jolo what?” He showed us this CNA post about Roy Ngerng pleading guilty (Who is Roy Ngerng).  “Standing next to Roy Ngerng was Jolovan Wham”. So my friend said. “He is quite notorious as well”. By saying that he really got our attention and stirred up our “Kaypoh” instinct. Nonetheless, we instantly googled and checked who is this Jolovan Wham. And it turns out that he is quite an interesting character.

Jolovan Wham

Jolovan Wham

Jolovan Wham is Roy Ngerng BFF

Roy Ngerng speaking to the media outside the supreme court with Jolovan Wham behind him.

It seems that Jolovan Wham had been attending Roy’s court hearing.  And when we looked at Jolovan’s Facebook, we found that he not only attended Roy’s court session, he also rallied some kakis to do a photo placard campaign for Roy.

Jolovan Wham's placard campaign for Roy ngerng featuring Han Hui Hui, Paul Tambyah (SDP) and Amos Yee Bailor

And among these pictures we found some famous people. Of course, Han Hui Hui won’t miss this opportunity to gain exposure. But we discovered some other faces that were in recent news – Paul Tambyah – SDP’s candidate in GE2015 and Vincent Law (Famously known as Amos Yee’s bailor).

Is he involved in Amos Yee Case?

“Don’t tell me he is also involved with Amos Yee” (Who is Amos Yee). Someone shouted when we identified Vincent Law.  Well, it seems that Jolovan did not just involved in Amos Yee Saga, He, in fact, organised the “Free Amos Yee” protest in Hong Lim Park. We also found another photo where Jolovan, Amos and Roy were attending the same social event. This photo also lead us to the next finding.

Jolovan Wham protesting in Hong Lim Park

jolovan wham and amos yee

Wait a minutes, isn’t that former SDP candidate Vincent Wijeysingha

From the previous photo, one of my friends shouted: “Wait a minute, isn’t that former SDP candidate Vincent Wijeysingha?”. Pointing to the guy stand on the left-hand side of Jolovan.  That sparks of the next round of frenzy search. Vincent Wijeysingha was a former SDP  candidate in GE2011. And we found numerous photo of Jolovan and Vincent.

Jolovan Wham and Vincent Wijeysingha

Oh!, By the way, do you know what is Vincent Wijeysingha famous for?  He, together with M.Ravi, is famously known for their involvement in this gay agenda video,

Caption from the youtube video – This is the video the Singapore Democratic Party is trying to hide. Vincent Wijeysingha and M Ravi – lowering age of consent for sex with boys aged 14 and repeal of 377A.

Vincent Wijeysingha accuses Catholic priest of attempted.fw

We also found this interesting link of on Vincent Wijeysingha.

Is he an SDP guy?

Seeing photo of both Paul Tambyah and Vincent Wijeysingha, we can’t help but ask, “Is he an SDP guy?”. That question sparks off the third round (Or was it fourth) of searching frenzy. And yes! We found a photo of him sitting on the same platform with SDP’s Dr Chee Soon Juan. But then we also found another photo of him wearing blue in Workers Party’s rally. So we can’t tell if he is an SDP or a Worker Party guy. But we don’t seem to be with PAP.

Jolovan Wham, Chee Soon Juan and Alex Au

Jolovan Wham, Chee Soon Juan and Alex Au

Jolovan Wham with workers party

Who is Alex Au then?

“And who is that Alex Au guy seated at the other side?  That was the next question popped out. We search online and found the following.


Do you know Jolovan Wham is also running some business?

It seems that our search has come to an end. From the above photos, more or less, we came to a conclusion that Jolovan is heavily involved in politics and activism. Then someone said, “Hey, he is also a businessman.” He then shows as the link. Here is the screen-grab.  Looking at the page, we were captivated by Jolovan’s business partner. One of them is Anti-activist activist Shafiie Syahmi and the other is Milltant feminist Vanessa Ho. Needless to say, that spark off another round of searching frenzy. And without fail, Jolovan’s business partners was as surprising as the title they gave themselves.

jolovan wham business partners

jolovan wham business partners - Anti-activist activist Shafiie Syahmi

Milltant feminist Vanessa Ho

After an afternoon searching through Jolovan Wham’s online present, all of us comes to a conclusion that if you are someone who is “Peace no war, Lovey Dovey”, you will never gonna get into his circle.



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