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Jeremy Monteiro

I don’t think we can gamble with Singapore’s future. I think we have to vote with our heads and not with our emotions that are being stirred up by the rabble rousers. Elections are a serious business.
There are many intelligent able people who stand on the sidelines and talk like opposition politicians. Some of them have good ideas.
Jeremy Monteiro - (Source singaporejazz.com)

Jeremy Monteiro – (Source singaporejazz.com)

But they themselves don’t offer themselves for election. Instead they let less able people than themselves stand for election in the opposition (insert the song “Send In The Clowns” here). If these intelligent and strong-willed people themselves stand for election, then maybe we can consider. But their surrogates? No, I’m sorry, I’m not going to consider supporting.

Ok, so the so-called proponents of a “first-world Parliament” have been a sounding board for the ruling party at best.

But we don’t need sounding boards inside Parliament. We the people can be sounding boards. They are many channels for feedback and discourse and discussion and going forward, the ruling party must enlarge this.

For sure, there pockets of disconnect between what a rich politician thinks about which is not congruent with what the people feel. Very very quickly, the ruling party must take a super-course on empathy and listen to the few who are truly connected to the plight of the people are suffering at the lower, lower middle and sandwich class. Some improvements have been made and some corrections, like the painful adjustments to the unsecured credit policy has to mitigated further with more graduated weaning. Because these are people, who if they don’t understand tough policies, will take their pain to the polls.

There is no problem with the status quo as far as I’m concerned. I also fine with a few more opposition seats in Parliament if the opposition took their usual “by-election” strategy.

But since they are contesting every seat, I for one cannot take the risk of a freak result. Every vote will count.

So much so that I am delaying my trip to London until after the elections so that I can stay back and vote. My vote is secret, but how I am going to vote is no secret given my comments here.

In reading all the anti government websites, all I see is people complaining about nothing. Not one them are talking about what true alternatives there can be to current policies. It’s just masak masak, tikam tikam, getai, wayang and pasar malam.

Sorry lah, some the opposition folks are nice people. But we don’t just need nice people to run our country. We need strong, intelligent people, (who perhaps can take more lessons on emphaty that translates to polices) who can navigate this crazy place called the World better than any one else I know here in Singapore.

What Singaporeans’ Say?

David Tan Hock San One cant complain about nothing with so much stress bordering the brink thats happening in the last 10 years.

Bhakt Yap Well said! It’s a serious thing. One wrong move we all will just go down the drain overnight and don’t dream of going up again. There’s no such thing as a game of chance like what many haters are saying – a change is good and we don’t try we won’t know. 50 years of nation building is not by chance. I hope they know that.
Matthew Ng The sad thing is that there are so many people that listen without analyzing. I told my class – in Japan, Thailand, indonesia etc they can replace the entire government in one election and have good enough people to Govern the COUNTRY. Here – give you a hawker center you cannot clean properly. Give u a TC u have to “merge” the funds and still cannot say to ALL what exactly happen.

Can they run a country ? or are they just echoing your complains louder without any solutions (or even suggestions) ?
Gilbert Cheah As a wise person once said, “Campaigning is easy. Governing is a b*tch”. Criticizing and making big promises is the easiest thing to do, which is why everyone does it. But managing a country and ensuring its survival and growth, that’s another thing altogether.
Liz Ng I have been holding my tongue. For those who knows me, they know where I stand. I dont want to keep harping on the fact that we have to rise above the political rhetorics and vote for a government that has always taken a long term & 360degree approach. I risk losing my credibility if I keep defending PAP but what you wrote, echoes my concern. I know the middle class is being squeezed, parents with kids taking PSLE in Sept are in a foul mood and could take their angst to the polls, some of the young voters are caught up in support for the courageous underdogs, etc.. I am extremely worried about freak results. I really do not want our parliament to become a media circus. Im with you on* this. The 9 opposition parties are clever to leverage on hot button issues but they have yet to show us HOW they plan to deliver a one size fits all solution. The devil is in the details. I waited 4 years to see details. Im just plain worried. Ok. I hv to stop reading all these. Giving me a migraine.😅
George Hess There is no way the PAP will lose this election. If you think the country is better off without a viable opposition, one that is unprepared to govern so be it. But one day the PAP will lose. Then what?

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