Is this the work of a Harvard-Oxford-Stanford Rhodes scholar, Chen Show Mao , A MP, did this !!!? / The Workers’ Party responds to the statement by the PMO



Chen Show Mao is quiet on the saga and now his first “statement” is a picture that shows he has no respect for the prime minister and fellow MP .

I can accept the supporters doing this but an MP, a star ctach who is destine for much more? Disappointing.

As an MP himself, Chen Show Mao  should be upholding the institution, which he is a member, to the highest standard. Instead he show no respect for the parliament.

A man of his talent, instead of spending his time to make Singapore a better place or at least to help those hawkers that his party so bullied, Mr Chen wasted his time doing another cut & paste job to make fun of fellow MPs on his FB timeline.

Sad. 1st world parliament – one where a timid MP cowers in silence in Parliament and has to stoop to using pictures to make fun of fellow MPs on his FB timeline.

Fabrications About The PAP

Comments :

  • Still can claim that WP’s “First World Parliament” wont end up like Taiwan’s – MPs attacking each other. Really meh?
    What we see here is just like Taiwan’s Parliament, only that it is done online with stupid caricatures.
  •  I never see PAP’s Mps doing this sort of childish things on their fb making fun of their fellow opposition MPs. We can judge by one’s maturity and seriousness in the role as an MP by the way the postings on their fb pages/blogs. Obviously this guy is not mature enough to be in politics.
  • First world parliament? This is bullshit. So childish. Anyway, do your work first la. You are paid 15k a month to manage the TC.
  • oh that guy, he only came back to Singapore when all is smooth n nice, where was he previously? personally, I don’t see any good in him at all….
  • Please take note of your image Mr Chen .. U are an elected MP not some Internet trolls …
  •  Is this their version of a rebuttal?  Tsk tsk. Have to question the poor guy’s sense of propriety as a MP, as well as his sense of humor. Perhaps he has been away from Singapore for too long?
  • Ask him f back to his Taiwan to play his HUMOROUS politic !
    Never in Sg history any of our MPs opening mock other politician, a prime minister to be exact, in this way! Who he think he is? Really God?!
  • An elected MP, a Rhodes Scholar, the star catch of Workers’ Party, finally broke his silence – on FB – where else??
  • If this is really Chen Show Mao’s page and that’s how he chooses to react to the recent saga, I am really disappointed!
    You were the only one in WP that had not spoken much insensible sentences but now by doing this you have lost whatever little respect that’s left!
    I can accept the supporters doing this but an MP that is earning our tax payers’ money??? GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!
    You DON’T belong here! This is MINE country NOT YOURS!

    Is our country going to be divided because of people like this?

    Wake up Singapore!

  • Coming from an elected MP who aspires to be a PM? Disgusted. He, of all people, should be wary of what he sows…
  • And then even CSM has something cynically childish to say (but is too ashamed to state it explicitly).
    Is having politicians doing cartoon caricatures to ridicule each other an inherent part of a First World Parliament, at least according to WP ?


The Workers’ Party responds to the statement by the Prime Minister’s Office on the hawker centre saga, saying their MPs’ consciences are clear.


Comments from the net : 

  • How I read the statement:
    1) We are hoodwinked by our contractors. They are at fault and not us.
    2) Can we move on so you don’t find more of our mistakes?
  • When they are a small party, they cannot be held for accountability by the PM of the country, yes, when they become the govt, who can hold them accountable??? Think think think Singaporeans! We are in for bad times when they become govt! Seriously!
  • There can only be one liar in this saga. PM is speaking up for the hawkers.
    WP now saying their conscience are clear , the hawkers are liars !
    WP Chen Show Mao conscience is also clear when he insult the PM and his fellow MP with that picture .
  • The ruling party has shown all of us a clear picture of the whole episode and its reflection on the WP MPs. We can choose to open up our mind and judge for themselves. Alternatively, we can choose to keep our mind closed and continue to live with subjectivity or resentment. The destiny of Singapore is in the hands of every one of us. We will decide as a nation on the storyline or ending of Singapore’s success story.
    As Mr Low Thia Khiang has concluded, the concept of a First World Parliament is about what we want for our country and what we believe is necessary to secure our country’s future.


Press Secretary to the Prime Minister issues response regarding AHPETC

Chang Li Lin, the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister has issued the following response to the media after queries regarding the Workers’ Party’s statement to the Prime Minister’s Office:

AHPETC’s conduct in this matter has raised very serious questions of integrity and honesty. These arise both from what the Town Council did, and what Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Pritam Singh said. Minister Vivian Balakrishnan in Parliament, and the Prime Minister in his statement yesterday, pointed out that Ms Lim and Mr Singh had made false and untruthful statements, and tried to cover up the Town Council’s wrongdoing.

Mr Low’s latest non-statement addresses none of these serious charges, which therefore stand unrebutted.

Source Link : Press Secretary to the Prime Minister issues response regarding AHPETC

The people shall (one day) decide……

… on the lack of integrity, accountability and competency.

by  Bryan Ti


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