GE 2015 – Is The Opposition Forgetting Residents’ Needs?


In all their posturing and criticisms of the PAP, we have hardly heard concrete plans from the opposition parties on how they plan to improve the constituencies they are running in.

Let’s take Sembawang GRC for example.

Yesterday, Ong Ye Kung, a PAP candidate for Sembawang GRC, spoke about how the community of volunteers, residents and agencies banded together to solve the problem of the mosquito infestation in the Nee Soon East area which was transferred out from Nee Soon GRC to Sembawang GRC (watch the video from 8.00min onwards).

One quotable quote was “我们的刀子是向外的,我们的刀子不是向内的。” where Mr Ong explained how our weapons should face outwards, not inwards, meaning to say how his team would work with the community to solve issues and not fight inwardly.

The PAP Sembawang GRC Team also shared with residents in a kopi session (Part 1 and Part 2) on their vision for Sembawang GRC which included parks, schools, hawker centres and bus routes.


In contrast, the opposition team from National Solidarity Party (NSP) did not go into detail what they intend to do for the Sembawang GRC residents. NSP Acting Secretary-General Lim Tean attacked Lee Kuan Yew and claimed PAP had no vision for the future.

Their hottest face, Kevryn Lim, has been lobbying for the case of single unwed mums, who make up less than 1% of all the resident mothers (less than 6,000 unwed mums) in Singapore. Low income single unwed mums already receive multiple lines of assistance (financial, education and healthcare) from the Ministry of Family and Social Development.

The Sembawang GRC has an estimated 144,604 electors, yet NSP is missing the forest for the trees.

We wonder what NSP has in store for Sembawang GRC should they get elected. In fact, we wonder for all the constituencies, what vision do the opposition parties have for the residents should Singaporeans vote for them?

Please feel free to ask your nearby opposition party for more information to see how well they have planned for you, the resident.




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