Inderjit Singh – I Remain a PAP Member and Will Be Assisting PM


Inderjit Singh  – I remain a PAP member and will be assisting PM in his election campaign in AMK.

Inderjit Singh
I read with amusement that some people have taken my old speeches and reposted them with a headline that I have left the PAP. The white paper speech was made in early 2013 and the one on the response to the president address was posted in May 2014.

I requested to PM to allow me to step down as an MP on 2nd January 2013 as I have contributed almost 20 years as an MP and wanted to spend time on my work and family.

I remain a PAP member and will be assisting PM in his election campaign in AMK.

What Singaporeans Say?

Kam Leonard Mr Inderjit Singh you are by far the most outspoken PAP MP for the public so i guess many have that glimmer of hope that you would be somewhat like tan jee say. This post proves otherwise. LOL
Thank you Mr Inderjit Singh for you sir were but i hope not the only one who is willing to speak out of things supposedly tabbooed within the system. Problem is not everyone can do well within the system. If everyone were expected to do things within the box, we are really in trouble.
Alvin Chua I’m glad you cleared it up.
Dougles Chan Apparently they are using your old data to make a point to their advantages.
George Huang Thank you sir for your contributions. We look forward to more of your contributions and service.
Alan Tann I have met u during one of the meeting the people seesion in teck ghee cc where Dr. Koh poh koon was there u was very sincere n humble in helping my issues n i respected u alot sir thank you very much for ur great services to the nation well done may god bless u n ur family.
Jeremy Monteiro People got too much time Inderjit and they love to take old news and present as new to advance their agenda.
Having said that, those speeches are excellent speeches and I am sure the government garnered many ideas from them.
Jim Lim Mr Inderjit Singh, you have been an inspirational, logical and courageous MP. You were a voice of reason with a heart and groundedness borne from understanding the average Singaporean. I always read your speeches and find them addressing all the current issues that Singaporeans face. Thank you for your service and leadership. I hope that you will have time to be with your family now. Thanks again for being such an exemplary MP.
Melvin Chen Sir, would you consider sending a letter of demand to editors of the site, to correct their headline and misrepresentation?
Jason Chua Chin Seng First they say, pap mp r YES MEN. then Mr Inderjit showed the oppy, what PAP MP r made off. so they try to drive a wedge between the party and the man, the man and his residents.
Rameish Sivalingam Glad that you clarified things Mr Inderjit. Yes social media has a way of picking bits and pieces and pasting it together without regard to space and time. I think the PM has a tough job and I see a great change in his approach – age and experience has helped. Just as how age and experience helps everyone. Let’s be logical, ask our candidates the big questions, ask them what will they be bringing up, listen to what they have to say and then vote. Sadly, for Singapore, the other parties are having a hard time filling candidates of calibre. That however is not PAP’s problem is it? It’s a political party after all and not a incubation centre for other parties. On a serious note, the executive really should hear as much as possible and listen with a open heart even more. It’s not us vs them. This is all us. If 51% of the population votes for PAP then that carries the day. That’s democracy. Also, let’s be different. Let’s work towards the betterment of Singapore regardless. No MP can share all of the view of any particular voter all of the time. So be ready to acknowledge that. After all an MP represents the majority of the particular constituency. Cheryl, why disappointed? Must a different view come from an opposition? If you think so you’ll be surprised if you listened in on what MPs and even ministers disagree upon. Unless you believe they all suddenly became yes men.
Daniel Ku Jason, be like the pioneer batch of PAP activists under the old guard who won the heart and respect of the citizens with sincere and exemplary leadership and not trying to split the country into PAP versus Oppositions! We are all Singaporeans!

Our cou
ntry is too fragile to play such childish politics. Win your opponents over with sincerity and actions!

Yes, opponents may play dirty politics but have trust in your majority of the country men who are more sophisticated and intelligent than one would have thought to see through all the plots and drama. Stay whiter than white and do not be tempted to be dragged down into the muddy arena of pork, stock and barrel politics!

To gain back the trust of its citizens like before during he reins of the PAP old guards, just focus on serving the nation and its citizens with their best interest at heart!
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