if the wrong people get into public offices … ( Ministerial Salaries Review )


By wrtier from the net :

great paradox…

On one hand we have good people with the right attributes and qualities to take public offices,

but may be deterred from doing so, becos the financial, social and domestic sacrifices are too daunting.

Some of them may be becos of financial consideration, but many are probably discouraged becos of the latter reasons.

For some, the calling may not be strong enough to propel them forward to serve.

On the other hand, there are many in another group(s) who would just love to get their hands on these public jobs.

 (i said many but not all, as there are few good ones in this group here).

Sad thing is that the proper & genuine attributes and qualities for these folks are just not there.

For the nation, it can be a dangerous situation.

The damage done if the wrong people get into such public offices can be irreparable and definitely disasterous.


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