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MICA Minister urges netizens to develop netiquette

SINGAPORE: Information, Communications and the Arts Minister, Yaacob Ibrahim, urged all netizens to come together to develop an internet code of conduct.

Dr Yaacob was addressing more than 800 students from 50 secondary and post-secondary institutions at a dialogue.

He said a code of conduct is meant to encourage civilised behaviour online.

He also noted that unless there is a code of conduct, when something goes wrong there will be people asking the government to do something about it.

Dr Yaacob said this is worse because having laws would stifle the internet.

He added that a code of conduct would set the parameters for an honest, constructive and rational discussion.

If you think let’s say a certain minister is lousy, that’s an opinion, we won’t go after you.

But if you say the minister is corrupt, you must back that with facts because that’s an accusation, that’s an allegation.

If you tell me I’m corrupt, I will tell you to justify it, if not I’ll see you in court. How then can you say the same thing in the internet and get away with it? Cannot be. It’s simple logic. But again, we’re not interested in building this code of conduct from the top and then enforce it down.

“We believe as netizens, all of us should come together and develop a code of conduct or what we call netiquette that we can all agree upon. It is supposed to be a bottom up process.”

The discussion centred around racial and religious harmony on social media.

Some students asked how they can respond to or stop racism while others asked for the minister’s opinion on how to better integrate foreigners into Singapore’s society.

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By Sharon See | Posted: 28 July 2012 2142 hrs
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Source :    Fabrications About The PAP

Comments from netizens (extract from Fabrications About The PAP)  :

  • Singaporeans here like to take our own rights for granted. Let me say this: If we were to allow any random citizen in this country to say what he wants without fear of punishment, racial and religious extremism and separatism would take place, people would be allowed to defame and slander the State or even encourage subversive action. Be grateful that we are not the same as France or Britain where extremist groups like the FN and the BNP are permitted to exist in this cruel abuse of freedom of speech.
  • Let’s have responsible and constructive comment. I believed all of us have something to contribute for the betterment of our lives. Right we should be proud that we are living conducive environment surrounded by trouble water.
  • Think they are not so worried about uncles in coffeeshops KPKBing as the damage is not so far and wide as compared to social media where members tend to have friends from overseas as well.
    I agree that criticism should be constructive and not just based on anger (emotion). Nothing wrong with KPKB-ing to vent the pent-up frustrations but make sure when we make allegations/ accuse others of something, we have solid proof of it and not just from some hearsay from some kopitiam gossips.
  • Yes people shouldn’t behave like kids behave like adults and be responsible for what they said. Shouldn’t comment any how.

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