How opposition belittle the youth who support the PAP


Just to share my thoughts about how opposition belittle the youth who support the PAP. Its true that we have yet to walk down the path of life with the inevitable hard work and the high cost of living in Singapore.

But we aren’t oblivious to what is happening around the world, we see and we appreciate the safety and security we enjoy in Singapore.

Though people complain alot in Singapore and how we are kiasu etc, we all know deep down, students too, that Singapore is where we would rather be.

As students, we have only got a little taste of the working world and how competitive it is out there but we know the value of meritocracy and hard work. Life isn’t always fair and we know that.

School isn’t fair to everybody too. We may not have had our lion’s share of life’s lessons but the experiences we gained have shaped us to be prepared for the future.

So to those opposition supporters who say that we have yet to live out our life’s and suffer.

I tell them that we aren’t oblivious to the world around us but I rather put in the hard work than live in society where guns are rampant, public infrastructure isn’t as good as it is in Singapore and where I can’t walk alone at night without worrying.

Despite what the opposition supporters say about supporting PAP makes you unpopular in school if you are a student, it isn’t true. In fact, a sizable majority are PAP supporters, if not they are mostly neutral on the political debate but are grateful for what PAP has done.

We live in a technologically advanced world and we as students do know what is going on around us in the world. We know of the conflict, bloodshed, senseless violence and the shootings in recent day and we do appreciate that Singapore is a socially stable and peaceful society.

by QJ


image : NDPeeps

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