Hardtruths about the Scandinavian Miracle


Here’s a great article on the reality of the Scandinavian Miracle. People tend to place their Nordic states’ policies and systems on a pedestal without digging deeper.


In short, here’s the truth about how it’s like to live there:


  • Thought to have best public services but in reality, trains do not run on time. Oh, if you go need to go to A&E you have to make an appointment
  • Economic equality is decreasing – the number of people living below the poverty line had doubled
  • Apparently they dump migrants, elderly, unemployed etc. at the country sides (something like sending your elderly to JB but with cold weather)


  • Xenophobic, anti-Islamist
  • They’re known to be giam kana
  • Corrupted by their oil money – people are working less, retiring earlier, calling in sick
  • At risk of full-blown Dutch disease (where a country ironically suffers even with the presence of a valuable resource, e.g. oil) with their current anti-Islamist government


  • It’s uninhabitable


  • Gun ownership is high and they have the highest murder rate in western Europe, and high suicide rates
  • The people drink a lot and they die from it
  • Nokia is gone so now they mostly sell, wait for it, paper! The invention of the future (not).
  • Their schools are good? Well they’re good so long as the kids there don’t shoot other kids
  • The Finnish are reticent and would prefer to be alone
  • Even REFUGEES complain that it’s boring http://news.yahoo.com/finlands-no-good-disappointed-migrants-turn-back-152042061.html


  • They describe themselves as envious, stiff, industrious, nature loving, quiet, honest, dishonest, xenophobic
  • They don’t… feel… much (Eg. They try to avoid screaming during childbirth and crying during funerals)
  • Apparently Swedes prefer to be alone
  • One party state – described as China of the North (sounds familiar?)
  • Youth unemployment is higher than the UK’s
  • Swedish rights on the rise

Also across the board, schools rein in higher achievers for the sake of the less gifted; “elite” is a dirty word. Public displays of success, ambition or wealth are frowned upon.

So is it still the utopia you want to live in?

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