HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!! Some are making use of your son and daughter for their own political gain


Overheard :

The young punk who was notorious for holding up the placard “Singapore for Singaporeans”, also the admin for “Wake Up, Singapore” page, now declaring. “In solidarity with the five youths”?

Yup. Some are making use of your son and daughter for their own political gain. Suggest they add him as the sixth youth.

by AK


It is the parent’s constant anti-establishments conversation that have also taken as inspiration. If you don;t want your hot blooded children becoming like these, be careful with your daily conversation.

by the-other-fab admin

I don’t think all 5 kids had a part in spraying “f*** the pap”. One did it and the rest just laughed. They didn’t take turns to spray that phrase on. That would be retarded.

If you put careful thought to it, politics is the most heated topic on the internet and that’s probably the most eye catching thing to spray paint. So they did it not because they are really some kind of gung-ho oppie, they are just attention seeking.

They are just regular vandals. Nothing idealistic about what they’ve done. No “patriotism” or “trying to express themselves” sort of thing. They are just vandals and should be treated as such.

We are giving too much credit to a bunch of 17 year olds to think that they have the capacity to express their political beliefs in such a radical way. So please…just treat them as vandals. They deserve no glory in the act and definitely have no place in politics.


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