Greek Crisis – The article, THE GREEK TRAGEDY, sparks off soul searching in Singapore


What Singaporeans say about the Greek Crisis

  • Ye Guorong when a country have a bad PM and government. this will be the result. Argentina turned overnight bankrupt before. Greek is going through the same. We are blessed in Singapore our PM and our government love us.
  • Esther Teo Singapore’s most significant accomplishment is the avoidance of the mistakes of other countries:

    ‘I believe that the least appreciated part of Lee Kwan Yew’s legacy is his method of ensuring that one generation won’t bankrupt future gen
    erations by selfishly living beyond its means. It’s a welfare state that works, and one he always said was available to any political leader with the courage to tell his people the truth about the limits of government’s power to pass out goodies.’

    For John C Goodman…

    ‘I would summarize the philosophy of Singapore as follows:

    – Each generation should pay its own way.
    – Each family should pay its own way.
    – Each individual should pay his own way.

    Only after passing through these three filters should anyone turn to the government for help.’



  • Goh Ban Leng Today’s Insight on Greece, the sight of an elderly crying, is heart wrenching and to imagine what if this happen to our parents or to us. At the golden year losing everything, no more safety net and free fall! Do we want to even want to go near there? Is no longer a myth that there are people out there wanting to see us fall and our youth (Amos, RN) are their pawn. They will succeed if we allow them to excess our young minds with misguided values. Let’s courageously mentor our youths and awakened them to reality. We can all do this as parents starting with our children.


  • Sebastian Kang Sounds quite like a familiar tune being sung by some opposition parties … everytime Elections are around the corner … a very shining example of “people pleasing government policies” … government will provide , why bother to work hard for a living … do we ever want to fall into this “political freebie trap”


  • Daniel Tan Boon Huat – Singapore is my home, my nation. I will not let this “socialist failure” happen, not without a fight.My fellow Singaporeans, we are all in this together. I know many of you watch this space but don’t comment much.The time for affirming or rejecting is near.
    The time for assessing alternatives is near.Majulah Singapura
The Article – by Craig Kelly


Make no mistake, the classic failure of Socialism is playing out in Greece right now.
Put simply, Greece’s problem is that it has run out of “other people’s money”.
No nation can continue to operate when almost 80% of the Government’s budget goes to pay pensions and state wages – and where 10% of the nation’s entire economic output comprises pensions alone.
For too long Greece has headed down a ruinous political path of anti-market, collectivist and socialist policies – that have only guaranteed today’s impoverishment; all based on the nonsensical premise that there is such a thing as a “free lunch” and the delusion that Keynesian stimulus will save the day.
And with the poison of Socialism having taken hold, and the economy falling into a fiscal abyss, has resulted in a spiral of decline – whereby the public elects more and more extreme politicians, so it was no surprise that at the last election in Greece, 52% voted for either Communists or neo-Nazis.
And the danger is that Greece, with a 25% unemployment rate, a third of its people living below the poverty line, 300,000 with no electricity, ATM’s running out money, and limits placed on what people can withdraw from banks – could likely respond to the failure of extreme-left Syriza Party by electing an even more extreme government.
The only way this Greek tragedy can be addressed is firstly by identifying socialism as the culprit in this massive public failure.
Secondly, there must be a condemnation of socialism and the failed politicians who made the sweeping promises to dishout “free stuff” they could not afford – all while they peddled the proven failed system of socialism.Thirdly, a recognition that by recently electing an even more leftist and socialist government, that such a vote has only sped up the path to collapse.There is no painless way out.But rather than just kicking the can down the road, it might be best for the Greeks to go back to their old currency, with all the hardship that will involve – and rediscover the virtues of sound money, balanced budgets and implement a regulatory system that attracts foreign capital and encourages domestic enterprise – and they produce and export themselves out of this mess.For everyday they delay, it will only result in a much more painful remedy being foisted upon all down the track.But ultimately, the real threat of this Greek crisis is to the global economy, in that we squander yet another valuable lesson from someone else’s massive Socialist failure – and that other nations and politicians currently pushing socialist agenda’s, promising more “free stuff” paid for by “other people’s money” (including Australia’s Labor Party) will not be deterred or even slowed in the slightest by Greece’s collapse.



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