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Facebook post of Goh Meng Seng about the Workers Party

To Mr Low Thia Khiang

The KPMG is CONCLUSIVE on one thing at the very least, your Workers Party team is totally and absolutely incompetent in governance and your party does not practice what you preach about checks and balances, lest about Separation of Powers.

Look the it this way:

1) All KEY APPOINTMENT HOLDERS (apart from your MPs as Chairman and Vice Chairman) of your TC are shareholders of FMSS which is your Managing Agent.

2) This include the Finance Manager, though only work for a few months up till Dec 2011 but it is damaging enough.

3) Your GM, Deputy GM, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Operation Manager… all are shareholders of FMSS!

4) It basically means that they could make decisions, approve suppliers, pricing, approve payments etc .. with the very consideration that they are shareholders of FMSS!

What kind of governance is this? Total lack of Financial control, governance and lest, checks and balances, separation of powers!

5) The fact that high consultancy fees were given to a company without tender nor justification, for not only one but 7 projects, is extremely worrying!

6) Contrary to what you claim, KPMG has already flagged improper payments of over $1.5 million with at least $600,000 should be recovered!

7) Improper payments itself are SERIOUS incidents that cannot be brushed aside by semantic claims of “no fictitious, fraudulent, nor duplicate payments”. As KPMG has POLITELY stated, if these improper payments were made deliberately with ill intentions, it could be considered as serious criminal acts.. i.e. equivalent to

Fraudulent payments! How could say otherwise? There is only one step away of determining criminality of these payments!

8) There is only ONE FINE LINE between Conflict of Interests and Criminal fraudulent acts. The fact that the setup of the TC is already flawed from the beginning, without any single consideration of Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, is itself a serious dereliction of duties.

Beating around the bushes will not help. To keep it “inconclusive” is just not good enough but in fact, extremely damaging not only to Workers Party but to the whole opposition field because the doubts will always grow, sparks and fire will continue to loom.

We want conclusive findings on whether there are corrupt practices in the management of the TC, apart from knowing conclusively that Workers Party is absolutely incompetent at best scenario. Else, this big sword hanging over all of us in opposition will kill us all in the next GE.

I have told some people in simple terms. The first rule of managing political crisis is to clear the air immediately, leaving no room for speculations or suspicion to continue to grow and damage everyone. But it seems that Workers Party has taken every opportunity to prevent the air to be cleared immediately. This happened during YSL saga and now, in this TC saga.

From Goh Meng Seng

Mr Goh Meng Seng is the Secretary-General of the People’s Power Party (PPP)


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