Gilbert Goh (NSP) and Temasek Review Emeritus (Temasek Review) – by The Real Thing is ….



** update 28 Dec 2011 – on KojakBt’s Facebook public wall-

quote: Kojak Bt ” I’m a volunteered editor for TRE. The report on Gilbert Goh is incorrect. He’s got nothing to do with TRE. He merely gave permission for TRE to publish articles from on TRE. Hope this clarifies” unquote

Now, let’s help to refresh Kojak’s memory.  During the interview with TNP on Aug 28, 2011, he did mention Gilbert Goh as one of those who were involved with Temasek Review.


He said Dr Ong, Mr Gilbert Goh, and two others he knew only as Edmund and Andrew, are linked to TRE.” (TNP above page 1)

“In Mr Goh’s case, Mr Wan said that as moderator, he is aware that articles appearing in can be carried with permission in TRE.” unquote (TNP above page 3 )



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