GE2015 – Why MacPherson? Steve Chia’s Story


Why MacPherson?

The NSP CEC has deliberated on this at length and decided to strike a balance between avoiding unnecessary conflict and keeping faith with our supporters.

The CEC strongly supports the decision to proceed with contesting in the MacPherson SMC where considerable outreach has been done prior to the 2011 General Elections.

This decision made by the CEC is final, and reflects our view that maintaining Opposition unity requires mutual respect and a spirit of compromise on the part of all parties.

At the all party meeting, the Workers Party had not given a deadline in their offer and their reps had agreed to come back at the 2nd meeting to finalise the discussion. So, they left us in a very unreasonable state.

And our calls and emails and WhatsApp message to them all went unanswered. There is no respect for fellow comrades in the cause.

We can only hope WP will respect us and give up the single SMC as they had initially promised.

Question and Answer

Question – So ,What’s next ?  3 Corner ? Do you listen to ground?

Steve Chia There will be no 3 corner if WP honour their offer to us.

We have accepted their request to give up Marine Parade and Jalan Besar GRC. They have not kept up to their bargain.

Nsp made a public statement of giving up all of them, the case was closed. That offer was voided. Too late for nsp to flip flopping n tried to claim the previous offer wp made.

Steve Chia The NSP is a collection of people from various segments of society. We do not have a strong recognised leadership like many other Parties.

We work on a democratic principle, where CEC members express their views and vote on an issue, and make collective decisions.

On this regard, NSP members feel strongly that we need to pursue WP to keep to their promise.

There will be people who will disagree to such principles and we have no choice but to let them go.

Question – What about marine parade?

Steve Chia We are giving WP a clear go ahead in Marine Parade as requested of WP.

Question – NSP was so close of winning Marine parade?

Steve Chia That has a lot to thank for Nicole Seah’s effect . We have lost her and we do not have the quality to put up a good contest in Marine Parade.

Hope you will understand . Thanks.

Question – you let Choa Chu Kang down in 2011 are you going to let Pioneer down in 2015?

Steve Chia In 2011 CCK was drawn into a GRC. I stood in Pioneer SMC because we hope to make a break in a SMC in the west , and build our base from there.

But from the campaigning, I realised that there is overwhelming number of new citizens living there. And the results speak for itself there.

Question – For your info, the ground sentiment in MacPherson is heavily in favour of Tin Pei Ling, even if People’s Action Party lose the election and Lee Hsien Loong lose his seat, she will still win her seats

Steve Chia TPL has certain strengths because of her incumbency. But she lacks the dialect skills that will endear her to the residents.

Jokes aside, Steve Chia has a point. The Workers Party never had any intention to negotiate – which is what Chia is saying. They allegedly said swap McPherson for Marine Parade, but never turned up to second meeting to confirm and never replied to messages. The NSP had no choice but to save face and declare they pull out of both. Now Chia says let’s stand up to the bully and take them at their initial offer.

Regardless, the whole incident is irrelevant. The only three-way fights that would split votes imho is if SDP or SPP are involved. All the other parties are sideshows.

NSP to lose their deposits at McPherson and WP is confident in this knowledge.


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