GE 2015 – Top 5 Most Logical Opposition In Singapore


Singaporeans are a tough bunch to manage.

Their perfect leader would be smart, witty, PR-savvy, generous, kind, good-looking and logical in making decisions.

We scoured through the opposition parties and candidates to give you our top 5 rankings of the most logical opposition in Singapore.

#5 – Reform Party (RP)

Vote for everyone else but them, because that’s the most logical thing to do.



#4 – Han Hui Hui (HHH), independent candidate

She must be facing a huge identity crisis.


#3 – National Solidarity Party (NSP)

Aka the No Shame Party, the only opposition which can bad mouth its own fellow candidates and pretend it was all a joke.


#2 – Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

They really know how to appeal to your ego, never mind the backstabbing.


And lastly…..

For the top most logical opposition in Singapore…

#1 – Workers’ Party (WP)

Maybe they should rename themselves Business’ Party (BP).



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