GE 2015 – First-time voter says oppositions no longer relevant

Dear Sghardtruth
I am 23 now, and this is the first time I am voting. I have participated in numerous debates online and would like to share my thought for GE 2015. Particularly about voting for Singapore Oppositions. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Looking back at the last four years, what have really made the government response? Unfortunately, it was not oppositions that fight for their causes and debated in the parliament. What has shaken the ground was activism. Activism that can be found on a daily basis online and also protest in Hong Lim Park.

A good example is the annual Pink Dot event and the Wear White campaign. Both camps are standing out to advocate for the people that they are representing. Was there any mentioning by the oppositions in the parliament? No.

Another recent incident was the case of Seng Kang Columbarium where even a government’s finalised tender result was being overturned. Again, not in parliament debate, but by pressure from voices in Social Media.

I am not saying that all activist events are good. But with the help of social media, Singaporean eventually got the fact and came to a consensus. A good example is “Return My CPF”. At one point in time, it did garner a huge support from social media. But, as time goes by, neither the activist nor the cause could stand up to the scrutiny of the people.

Coming back to the oppositions, Personally, I must say the only thing that they have given me is disappointments. Not only are they ineffective in the parliament. They are doing worse in managing the town council. One town council is all that they are managing. But yet, they did not use it to proof that they are as capable as the incumbent. They make it worst by bankrupted it. And I am talking about Workers Party, the best among the oppositions.

I have heard online debates that the present of oppositions has actually made PAP work harder. I somewhat agree with this statement. But I would also like to counter asking, by not voting in opposition to the parliament, does that mean Workers Party will be dissolved? The answer is Workers Party will always be around whether they are in parliament or not. So, their present, even without a seat in the parliament will continue to give pressure PAP isn’t it?

So why do we need to vote opposition into parliament where nothing serious is done and ended up with a messed up the town council?



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