GE 2015 – Calvin Cheng Says Oppositions Needs To Attack BOTH PAP and WP

Calvin Cheng

Mr. Low Thia Kiang has said many times that he doesn’t believe in ‘opposition unity’ and will not go out to cooperate with other opposition parties.

I think this is the right stance.

Firstly, each opposition party stands for different things and with different ideologies. It’s very cynical for them to come together just to unseat the incumbent. More importantly, as seen from Malaysia, such marriages of convenience are fragile.

Secondly, if The Workers Party wants to be the number 2 party, they have to consolidate wherever they are strong, and not cede ground, especially to opposition parties with no chance of winning.

On the flip side, if any of the other opposition parties also have ambitions of being the second party, they should contest the WP if they feel they need to. Once WP entrenches itself as the second party it will be too late for them.

In a first past the post system like ours (US, Australia, Canada, UK etc), there are normally only two big parties. The third party almost never gets elected due to the features of the voting system.

Therefore, for the rest of the opposition parties, if they want to have a chance of being a serious contender, they need to start thinking about attacking BOTH the PAP and WP.

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