GE 2015: Ah Beng Asked Bookie Why PM Play 5-4-1 Game


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I stunted like a vegetable when I saw more SMC and GRC for GE 2015. Because, adding more wards means, if PAP lose one or two wards, the impact is not so big. To me, this is kiasu lor. I mean, this year is SG50 and Ah Gong just passed away. People’s heart is with PM Lee. PAP sure win mah. If I am PM Lee, I will go in with lesser ward and win big big. So why is it that PM Lee came out with this type of kiasu plan. This is macam Man U playing 5-4-1 with West Ham. This is making me very confuse. I think I better ask my bookie friend who always have insider news.

Here is what my bookie friend says

Beng, Let me ask you if Fergie can win but did not send his best team to play, what does it mean? It means there are something more important coming up right?

So you see, this is the same. PM Lee is not worried to let in some goals. But he is worried that he might lost something more important. That is losing another minister. With one more GRC, he can bring in one more minister if he wins. And in he lose, he is still having the same number of ministers.

The last time when Aljunied was gone, Ah Loong’s face macam kena muscle cramp. I see already I also feel painful. I think George Yeo is very important to him.

Key points: * 13 Single Member Constituencies (from 12) and 16 Group Representation Constituencies (from 15) * Number of MPs go up to 89 (from 87)  * Number of 4-member GRCs increase to six (two such GRCs before) * New single wards: Bukit Batok, Fengshan and MacPherson * Single wards that have gone: Whampoa and Joo Chiat * New GRCs: Jalan Besar and Marsiling-Yew Tee * GRCs that have gone: Moulmein-Kallang

Image added by Admin  13 SMC and 16 GRC

Actually hor, Singapores needs George Yeo more than he needs the minister job. Look at him now, eating tim sum here, watching show there. So senang.

People always say minister’s salary very high. I think they never go and check Rooney’s pay. You know how much or not? 15 million pound per year hor. Pound hor! So minister pay where got high?

You know Singapore where got so many people with minister standard? I am talking about Singapore Standard and not other countries standard hor. If have, Shanmugam no need to hold two minister post liao. One thing about PAP is, they don’t anyhow promote people. They can easily make any MP to become a minister. But they never do that. That is why some MP hentak kaki for many years and never become a minister.

Everybody always says they can do minister job. But when they really do it, they always mess it up. Just like all those WP goondoos. Talk only can lah. When kena caught doing wrong, they will say “no comment”. One of their MP lagi jialat. He said, “I only answer to residents.” Like that win already lor.

For SMC, I think more is better. You know, some MP macam reserve players, hiding under GRC. So now they have to fight in SMC all on their own, they have to be very fit and ready to play ball lor. Like that is good for residents.

But if you ask me who to bet? I must say this time round it is hard to bet. Because in Kopitiam, people are scolding PAP. Right also scold. Wrong lagi scold. And you know what is different between PAP and WP? WP people got morale to win but no heart for Singapore. PAP people got heart for Singapore, but no morale to win. So even PAP got the better players and world class manager. I think they might not win.

Chow Ah Beng



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