Fresh Grad – Is TOC really the balance they claim to be?


Dear SGHardTruth Community

As a newly minted bizad grad with no more exams to worry about and no more deadlines to meet and no job yet, I’m totally feeling the withdrawal symptom!
Just when I was feeling restless, the AGO report happened. I thought it’ll be really interesting to find out how the government governs itself and so I trawled the net for more information. One article from TOC particularly piqued my interest. It had a table detailing the lapses by PA which sort of summarised all their lapses.
BUT, when I dug deeper, I found that TOC had  purposely accidentally missed out information / explanation which was published by either the AGO or PA itself.
Selective reporting much, TOC?


I also read with amusement that TOC’s claim to be more balanced that the mainstream media. With such selective reporting, is TOC really the balance they claim to be?

You decide  🙂

TOC’s Report  –
CNA’s Report –

Yolanda Young.

Civil society advocate of the year Remy Choo Zheng Xi (second from left) with civil society advocate organisation of the year The Online Citizen's editors (from left) Howard Lee, Terry Xu and Andrew Loh attending the awards event yesterday.PHOTO: SINGAPORE ADVOCACY AWARDS

Howard Lee,  Remy Choo Zheng Xi, Terry Xu and Andrew Loh . PHOTO: SINGAPORE ADVOCACY AWARDS



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