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Reports on The Independent Singapore’s fake news

Today, Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg made a statement declaring war on fake news. We at SG HardTruth were elated to hear this news. Because fake news site such as The Real Singapore (The owner, an Australian citizen, was charged with sedition) was making $500k in 17 months by spinning misleading, half-truth and outright lies. What’s worse is these sites were mostly anti-establishment with a common aim to tear our social cohesiveness apart.

The Independent Singapore caught publishing fake news

The Independent Singapore caught publishing fake news

Firing off the first salvo in the war against fake news is local vigilante Facebook site, Fabrication About the PAP (FAP). The site caught The Independent Singapore spinning off a misleading post about an Indian man who was unable to find jobs in construction sector even after upgrading. But FAP discovered that the actual story was quite a positive one. The original story was about a company (Dragages Singapore) which won multiple workplace safety awards for putting in place safety measures to protect their workers.

Who is fake news site The Independent Singapore?

Based on this Straits Times report, it is said that among its founders are former The Online Citizen editor Kumaran Pillai, and former Today editor PN Balji. It is owned by local company Protegesoft, whose director is Mr Pillai.

To refresh your memory, The Online Citizen was and was slammed by Law Minister K Shanmugam for publishing ‘falsehoods, politicisation’ of Benjamin Lim.

Nontheless, in our own Facebook page achieve, we found that Leon Perera of the Workers Party was also one of it founder.

The Independent Singapore was found by Leon Perera of Workers Party

The Independent Singapore was found by Leon Perera of Workers Party



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