Education : The need to keep paths upwards wide open to All : PM Lee ( Singapore National Day Rally )


(Photo courtesy of Ministry of Education)


 Lee Hsien Loong

PM highlighted the need to keep paths upwards wide open to all, especially through education. Government is investing to give children the best start in life. It will henceforth contribute to Edusave accounts of every school-going child, including madrasah students, home-schoolers and those studying overseas.

PM said we have an excellent education system, but our society is becoming more stratified, and competition is intensifying, focusing too much on exam performance and not enough on actual learning.

We must recalibrate to keep our system open and focus efforts on things that matter.

PM announced changes to Primary 1 admissions and PSLE scoring.

From next year, every primary school will set aside at least 40 places for children with no prior connection to the school.

PSLE scoring will be changed (not this year) to use wider bands for grades like in ‘O’ or ‘A’ levels.

This will reduce excessive competition to get that extra point, and give schools space to educate and develop students more holistically. MOE will announce more details.


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