Did This Teen Who Steals $300 Gotten A 15 Year Jail Term?


Channel NewsAsia posted a report “17-year-old supermarket staff arrested for stealing S$300” on their Facebook page. This report was supposed to be a straightforward.  However, it ended with the following paragraph.

The teen will be charged with criminal breach of trust as a servant  on Monday, the police said. If found guilty, she faces up to 15 years’ jail and may also be fined. 

This last paragraph somewhat caused some confusion among netizens and attracted more than 150  comments.

Here Is What Singaporeans Say?

Ng Jun Wei Maximum sentence for CBT is 15 years, it does not mean she will definitely be sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. The court will pass the appropriate sentence after taking into account the circumstances. Read properly before you comment.· 113 · Likes
Amy Ng Wow… 15 years for a 17 year old teen and for stealing $300? I really can’t believe it!!! How does the government determine the punishment nowadays?! · 50 · Likes
Shaik Hafeez At most rtc only… Or short term prison sentence. 15 years is for repeated offender. Stupid headline! The journalist must be an amateur. · 24 ·Likes
Alvin Foo 15 years in jail for stealing $300.. 3-6mths in jail for knocking down someone and stealing their lives away.. jus wow..· 96 ·Likes
Ng Chun Yi She is charged for CBT, not theft. Once again some people don’t read the article.
Quote: “The teen will be charged with criminal breach of trust as a servant on Monday, the police said. If found guilty, she faces up to 15 years’ jail and may also be fined.”
 · 5 · Likes
Sylvia Yeo 15 years for a girl who steal $300 ,5 years for a man who killed 4 lives?· 9 · Likes
Junio Nguyen If you think they are so harsh then why there are still people commit the crime? The law is there to keep the society in order not for fun. · 20 · Likes
Melvin Chen That is the max sentence for the crime. She’s not even gone to trial yet, not to mention sentenced.
The high maximum sentence is to deter people from thinking if ‘worth it’ to commit CBT on large sums and get away with a short term.

Just…. Educate yourself a bit and apply your brains.
 · 27 · Likes
Derick Tang Difference is being charge under criminal law or road traffic act. The latter of lower consequence. If you read carefully into the both sets of laws, the determining factor voices down to “intention to commit”.· 10 · Likes
Yi Heng Teo Which part of ‘up to 15 years’ do you not understand?· 18 ·Likes
Matthew Loh UP TO. UP TO. UP TO!
If I say human beings can live UP TO 120 years old, does it mean all of us will live till that age?
· 9 · Likes

The CNA report.

17-year-old supermarket staff arrested for stealing S$300

The teen allegedly stole S$300 in cash, 72 lucky draw vouchers, four packets of cigarettes and two bags from the supermarket she was working in.



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