Dating Singapore – Everyone Is Talking About This Alpha Chio Bu


The Straits Times posted a report “Men dare not date her” on their Facebook page. It attracted more than 300 comments.

What Singaporeans Say?

Han Cheak Ng men are not afraid of alpha females we are just afraid of bitchy females · 504 · Likes
Jacky Kwa She is single becos of her intimidating height? Don’t take her height as an excuse for not being able to find a partner at 37. · 226 · Likes
Lydia Elmi I am 1.78m tall and married with 3 kids. My other half is shorter. Guess he went past the height and found the heart. 11 years and counting.· 163 ·Likes
David Khoo After reading the article, I see quite a few relationship red flags. I’m sorry to break the news, but relationship is not about a checklist. · 155 · Likes
Mervyn Ting I don’t mind dating her if she dun mind me shorter than her…its all about chemistry, not height.· 107 ·Likes
Richard Giam Would she mind dating a guy who is 124cm tall? I know a dwarf friend who does not mind her height. Would she mind? If she feels that guys should not mind her tall height, she should not be mind guys who are much shorter than her. Make sense?· 90 ·Likes
YaXin Tan Height 1.71 for women is notting . I’m 1.76 without heels .. And my mum is 1.8 . What’s her problem with her Height ?!· 67 · Likes
Jon Lua Free advertisement for her to look for a hubby? · 47 · Likes
Daniel Lim It’s the attitude not height· 54 ·Likes
Biddy Low “A male friend told me, ‘I feel sorry for people like you. You’re good- looking, with a good career. Our egos are too big to approach someone like you, we don’t want to be rejected,'” she says. – See more at:…/men-dare-not-date-her…
Guuurrrrlll…. Change your male friends. 
· 45 · Likes

Men dare not date her

The number of singles, aged 35 and older, has spiked in the past 10 years. Life asks singles such as Ms Ng Ping Ping, 37, about their dating lives

Dating Singapore - Everyone Is Talking About This Alpha Chio Bu

Dating Singapore – Everyone Is Talking About This Alpha Chio Bu




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