Covid-19 may have sparked off global trend to work remotely


Covid-19 has continually proven to be a huge wake-up call that is prodding everyone to change the way they think or approach work. And a new trend that has been noticed? The possibility that future jobs will be done remotely from home permanently.

For a tiny island like Singapore where travelling to work is relatively easy, this may not mean much nor sound revolutionary. However, for larger countries where people typically have to relocate from one city to another, this could be the start of a new way of living. Nonetheless, Singaporeans should not underestimate what this could mean for us. Our way of living and approaching work has to change if the jobs landscape transforms significantly. In this case, we will no longer just be competing locally for the jobs.

The upsides: The world is your oyster

If more companies adopt this approach, especially MNCs that already have frequent collaboration and videocalls between colleagues and offices located around the world, this means that the international borders between jobs will be further blurred. It could also mean that some companies may allow you to keep your current job even if you needed to relocate to another country for a few years. Transfers from the Singapore office to an overseas office would potentially be more fluid and companies can manage manpower by having global employees chip in when one particular office requires more help temporarily.

This trend could also enhance and maximise careers, as the global exposure adds greatly to career portfolios as well.

The downsides: Keep up or get left in the dust

This fluid way of working will require some getting used to and is obviously very heavily dependent on the use of technology and tools. Hence, those who are not tech savvy or are more resistant to embracing a non-physical way of communication and working could miss out on the opportunities that this trend poses.

As we compete globally for the same jobs, it simply means that we have greater competition for the same job. It is a great wake up call that we cannot rest on our laurels but need to constantly upgrade ourselves through upskilling and also to educate ourselves in relevant global trends.

Even as many of us have been gifted with extra free time during the Covid-19 situation, let us not forget to invest the time in helping ourselves and in preparation for the future to come.  



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