Couple Help Pregnant Woman Deliver Baby In Their Car Stuck In Morning Traffic

Couple Help Is a Singapore Spirit – Baby couldn’t wait: Mr Syed Zukarnain and his wife gave a pregnant woman a ride to SGH, but ended up helping her deliver the baby in their car this morning.
Medical staff at SGH cut the baby's umbilical cord in the car.PHOTO: SYED ZUKARNAIN/FACEBOOK

Medical staff at SGH cut the baby’s umbilical cord in the car.PHOTO: SYED ZUKARNAIN/FACEBOOK

What Singaporeans Say?

Ali Bakar … great, the Singapore story cant get better than this, after 30 Singaporeans helped a man trapped under a big lorry, and now another two Singaporeans helped a pregnant woman delivered a baby in their car on the way to the hospital… really i’m proud to be among such awesome Singaporeans.. · 527 ·Likes
Ignatius Albert Mr Syed and his wife should get some public award for this. Many Singaporeans would just drive off without assisting · 182 · Likes
Aida Habiba One people’s
One nation
One Singapore

That’s how people’s are in Singapore.
Salute and respect
 · 91 · Likes
Ranee Queen Mr. Mrs Syed had a good heart 2 help the women 2 deliver her baby in their car this great· 56 · Likes
Catherine Seah Mr. Syed Zukarnian, You and your wife will be blessed for helping the woman in pain. What a beautiful day for the newborn and her mother to have met two good Samaritans. God bless you all! · 44 · Likes

Melly Mew Bless the heart of the couple who gave them a lift heart and what a blessed little angel · 55 · Likes

Ajoy Kumar Congratulations! I am proud of Mr. Syed and Mrs. Syed ! I admire their generosity, kindness and understanding the sense of urgency. · 53 · Likes
Tony Teo May the baby and mother get well n healthy… · 22 · Likes
Daphnie Lin Another great man !!! Singapore spirit !!  · 18 · Likes
Sarah Chia I feel so touch to read this and also happy both mother and child are safe. I guess no words could thank Mr Syed and his wife enough for their kind act. They will be blessed. · 25 · Likes
Peng Peng Tan Another great act by Singaporeans. MP, pls do not do silly things like stacking flags into 50 and feeling so proud of achieving it. Look at more value ways to celebrate our jubilee! Like sharing and capturing all these great acts by Singaporeans! They are just extra ordinary and icon on why Singapore can be where we are today! · 25 · Likes
Kim Lim Mr Syed Zukarnain and his wife must also be rushing for work, yet they stopped to help. They will be blessed for being so kind and helpful to someone in need.· 18 · Likes

 Here is the ST News:

SINGAPORE – Mr Syed Zukarnain and his wife were giving a lift to a man and his pregnant wife who were heading to the hospital to deliver their baby.

But caught in morning traffic, the baby girl simply couldn’t wait – she was born in their car, 15 minutes away from Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

The 46-year-old document controller detailed the experience in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

He told The Straits Times that they were on the way out of a carpark in Bukit Panjang at around 9am when he saw the woman lying at a staircase by the side of the road, in pain.

“I suspected it was labour pains,” Mr Syed said.

The couple had been trying to get a taxi for an hour with no success.

” I asked them to get into the car,” Mr Syed said.

However, they ran into the morning rush hour traffic. Along Lower Delta Road, the baby’s father said that the infant’s head was already out, so Mr Syed asked his wife to climb into the back seat to help.

His wife, a 47-year-old admin executive, helped support the baby girl, wrapped her in a shawl and brought her as close to her mother as possible.

Mr Syed’s mind was on the road but the situation inside the car was tense as well – the baby didn’t cry initially. “I was quite worried. Once my wife carried her, she started crying. I felt relieved.”

Fifteen minutes later, they reached SGH, where medical staff cut the umbilical cord in the car.

“(The parents) didn’t have words to say. They just said ‘thank you so much’.

“I just told them no worries, don’t mention it, because as long as the baby and mother are safe, we’re happy. What we can do, we just help,” Mr Syed said.

He added: “An hour later, I messaged him asking how’s the baby and mother. He said they are doing fine.”

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