Why Chee Soon Juan version is so different from the truth? Bukit Batok By-election


Chee Soon Juan why you always make people question about the things you do?

Dear SGHardtruth Community

I am a  Bukit Batok resident. I saw the post about Chee Soon Juan on Fivestarsandamoon website. The article mentioned Chee’s Facebook post of an auntie working in a coffee shop. Chee Soon Juan has painted a gloomy picture of her situation.
Chee Soon Juan's Facebook post.

Chee Soon Juan’s Facebook post.

But interestingly the article has another video clip interviewing the same auntie. And she was happily saying that she is working just to keep herself active (I do it for exercise!).

After viewing the video, I can’t help but asked which is real. I mean why is it that the auntie in the video was so positive about working, but Chee Soon Juan made an entirely negative view out of it?

So my question is why is Chee Soon Juan twisting and sensationalising the whole thing?  To make himself the saviour? Anyway, such is Chee isn’t it. Just like the video he sent to Obama. Nevermind that we are one of the most envied countries in the world. He just has to distort everything to make Singapore look bad so to make himself looking like a hero saving the nation.

Reading from the old things that Chee did I found is one thing that is consistent. It was never for the good of Singapore,  or democracy, or freedom or now, residents of Bukit Batok. All these are but a pawn in his chessboard promoting HE, HIM and HIMSELF.


Resident of Bukit Batok

P.S. Content contributed by a resident of Bukit Batok, who choose to remain anonymous fearing that SDP’s Internet IB will “Stomp” him and his family.




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