Chee Soon Juan irresponsible policies will lead Singapore to bankruptcy

Some awkward questions for Dr Chee Soon Juan.

How much will Dr Chee Soon Juan spend and on what?
Will Dr Chee Soon Juan declare the total bill he intends to spend on all his plans?

What taxes will Dr Chee Soon Juan raise and from whom?
Will Dr Chee declare the new and additional taxes he will raise and from whom? Is he going to raise income tax, corporate tax and/or GST? What impact will these taxes have on the middle class and local companies who cannot relocate to lower tax countries?

What essential expenditure and services will Dr Chee Soon Juan cut?
For example, the SDP has said that it intends to cut $5.75 billion from our current defence spending. $5.75 billion is at least 40% of our current defence budget. Is it responsible for Dr Chee and his team to ask for such a huge cut in defence spending given the current global and regional climate. What other national programmes and policies does Dr Chee intend to cut?

Dr Chee’s ‘cut and paste’ and irresponsible policies will lead Singapore to bankruptcy and put us at grave risk.

The SDP now claims that its ‘cut and paste’ healthcare policy is modelled after the French system. Will Dr Chee tell Singaporeans what are the French rates for personal income tax, corporate tax and GST (known as VAT in France)?

Dr Chee’s ideas will lead Singapore on the path of much higher taxes, higher national debts for our children and put our national security at risk.

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 What Singaporean’s Say?

Jas Singh Sir, his overly generous welfare plans will be ruinous for SG. You were absolutely spot on about how his plans can lead us to be like Greece.…/A-island-pretending-blind…

 · 37 ·Likes
Nick Chew Don’t worry, his party won’t be voted into the parliament. Most Singaporeans are not that gullible and blind. · 41 · Likes
Mei Ping The outcome of such above implementations will only lead to the similar situations to Venice, Greece as well as other European countries. Do Singaporeans want similar economic & financial positions as Venice, Greece etc? Or simply we just took our economic stability & prosperity for granted? Or Singaporeans want to “waste” all the effort, time, energy we build from scratch from 1965 independence till now once we approved such implementations? · 17 · Likes
Jagathishwaran Rajo Completely agree that we need to be mindful of our spending. With SDP’s proposal on increasing expenditure, they have yet to clarify on who they wish to tax and how much do they want to tax. With such “cut and paste” polices from other countries, I strongly believe that SDP will NEVER be our voice in Parliament. · 5 · Likes
Mimi Melati Gunawan If our system is already working fine (may not be perfect) but suits Singapore’s need. Why do we still have to adopt system from other countries whereby so many are out of job, high taxes, fight in parliament, etc? Don’t understand his mentality. · 7 · Likes
Anzac Chew Don’t worry, Dr Vivian can managed finance very well as from the Youth Olympic, he did a great job. If that is not the Government, but a company, it should had already gone bankrupt. · 10 · Likes
Ramesh Subbaraman I hate to say this Doc, as a Singaporean voter, we must also ensure that those with populist policies and who have defamed our leaders should be defeated resoundingly to the extent that he does not even have the chance to be considered for NCMP. Even NCMPs must be of the highest integrity and calibre!! All the best! · 17 · Likes
Don Tang That’s all about him isn’t it, Mr Vivian? Thank you for the time for Dr Chee…Passed on! We need more of your time for the nation’s neediness, have a great evening! · 9 · Likes
Darryl Lee Indeed. What the SDP tells the people is less important than what it chooses NOT TO TELL the people. The latter is a matter of life and death for Singapore. · 9 · Likes
Fu Anthony For this I support u minister. I like ur style. Engaging via this platform…seriously, I’m impressed! · 8 · Likes



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