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Exposing fake news in Singapore

Why are we creating this fake news category?

During the USA presidential election, many fake news were discovered. These fake news were generated by sites that make money out of creating controversy fake news that confuses public. Here in Singapore, these fake news are not new. In 2016, Ai Takagi, an Australian, was charged with sedition by making fake news to stir up racial tension during Thaipusam. Ai Takagi and her husband, Robin Yang created the site The Real Singapore and made a hefty profit of $400,000 per year from spinning falsehood that aimed at tearing Singapore social harmony apart.  They make most of the contents under the nickname “Farhan”.  Although The Real Singapore was being shut down, the name “Farhan” continues to appear in All Singapore Stuff, who continue to spin falsehood to test the crack of our delicate social harmony.

Another, fake news site that we would like to bring it to light is States Times Review. The site was created by Alex Tan ZhiXiang (Alex Tan), founder of The Real Singapore. Alex Tan, who is currently an Australia PR, is also a formal political candidate under the reform. He was also involved in the hackling of YMCA’s special children performance incident in Hong Lim Park.

So, you might ask, why not just report it to the authorities and close them down. First off, many of the fake news are not necessary breaking the law. Especially when such fake news involved government department. e.g. Accusing the Police of failing to investigate a case. Secondly, sites are cheap to build. The Real Singapore has since evolved into All Singapore Stuff. And All Singapore Stuff is already created numerous backup website such as Cool Singapore Burea. Thirdly, some of the owner of these site does not reside in Singapore (Such as Alex Tan is now an Australian PR).

As such, this is a long term effort to provide a safe site for readers to verify any fake news. But more importantly, we need your help to look out and identify

y quoting the above two example, it is quite clear that this category is focusing on the social political realm. We will have another page that is dedicated to scam alert. But more importantly, we hope you