But I hope objectivity and rationality will prevail in the long run – MP Zaqy Mohamad ( MP Seng Han Thong Saga)


Zaqy Mohamad

Zaqy Mohamad
Dear friends, hope the weekend has been good for you and your loved ones. Noted some follow-up comments here and coverage in ST yesterday regarding my FB posting on my colleague’s comments. (http://www.straitstimes.com/The-Big-Story/The-Big-Story-3/Story/STIStory_748431.html)

Much has been said about his comments. But I hope objectivity and rationality will prevail in the long run. Although I disagreed with his comments, I would not label SHT a racist despite how the remarks turn out. I have known him well enough over the past years to say attest to this.

Minister Shanmugam commented that SHT made a mistake in misquoting the SMRT officer, and that we should also judge on the context of discussion. (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1173191/1/.html)

The unfortunate downside of social media is that headlines make impressions and that phrases and comments can be singled out without context of the broader event or discussion. Thus, it makes it important for is to seek to understand and find the truth on matters that are important before making judgement.

Failing to be politically correct does not make SHT racist and certainly unfair to call him one. For those who haven’t had the time to, I’d recommend watching the video or read the transcript to understand the context of the discussion and the comment.

Though the remarks were offensive, I hope that for those affected, we find it in ourselves to forgive him. I think this has been an important lesson for us all.

The past few months have tested our racial and religious harmony fabric here in Singapore. Not an easy period, but I have to thank Singaporeans for staying calm, rational and not letting these events divide us.

Wishing for a better 2012!

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