Breaking news – Chee Soon Juan accepted a teaching position in University of Georgia starting in 2 weeks



After being jobless for decades, and considering that he is sending his children to an overseas university (Fearing that they are being corrupted by the local uni) Dr Chee has finally decided to take up the position.

Netizens generally applaused his move with some commenting that he should have done that long ago for the sake of his family.

Peter a Bukit Batok resident has this to say.
I can’t imagine anyone living in Singapore with no jobs. And Dr Chee and his wife have both been jobless for so many years. I pitty their children. But then I also wonder how did they pull through all these years? Don’t tell me they eat air and drink plain water for a living hor. So the question is where did Dr Chee get his money to pay for his living expenses…Oh and rumour has it that he owns a car. That is very surprising lor.

Then another netizen Jenny has this to say:
What about the Bukit Batok By-Election since he is leaving in 2 weeks time. So he will be leaving on the 14th of April right? Because to day is 1st of April mah!


Other than DR Chee taking a job at Universally of Georgia, the part about DR Chee being jobless is true.

Happy April Fool!


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