Blackbox Research Survey on Hep C Crisis – One look limpeh know is bullshit


First Trick Blackbox Research Uses

Me: Ah boy, you want to eat Mcdonalds or not?

Ah Boy: YES! YES! YES! Daddy.

Me: OK!, After eat already you must do extra math question ok?

Ah Boy: Like that ah..Then don’t want lor.

Sure answer yes question.

Blackbox Research 2nd trick question – Sure answer yes question.

I use my son simple mind to show you why this survey by Blackbox Research is a bullshit survey. This is a sibei simple logic. When you ask people do they want something better, no need pay money and no condition added, what do you expect them to say? They sure say YES! YES! YES! right?

So I am surprised why it is not 99% when Blackbox Research asked “Public should have
been told about it earlier?”. Who will say no to such question?

2nd Trick Blackbox Research Uses

Me: Ah boy, you want to normal or upsize?

Ah Boy: Upsize lah…Need to ask meh?

2nd trick blackbox research uses

Blackbox Research 2nd trick question – Most will choose upsize!

Can you see the trick that they are using
“Independent Review Committee is sufficient” is like saying “This is normal size, do you think is enough”. They use the word “Is sufficient?” to hint to you that this might not be enough.

Compare to
“No, we need a Committee of Inquiry” is like saying “Or Do you think upsize is better?”

So you don’t even need to know what is Independent Review Committee and what is Committee of Inquiry. Blackbox research already tell you one is normal and the other is upsize. So again given such choices, no need brain you also know what most people will choose. Simple logic right?

Most important question on Blackbox Research

But the most funny thing is, why a “Research” company come out with this type of bullshit survey which can’t even fool Ah Beng like me? And who pay them to do such survey?

The full survey can be found here. But read at your own risk. Don’t say I never warn you.

Chow Ah Beng


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