Badge of Honour For Good Drivers Stirred Up Quite A Conversation


A “Badge of Honour” decal is to be released by SPF for those drivers without any demerit points.  This is to encourage good road safety behaviour.  This decal can be claimed from Jul 27 to Sep 30.

This piece of news stirred up quite a conversation.   In CNA’s Facebook page,  it attracted more than 100 comments.

Here is what Singaporeans say:

Antony Lee – Good idea for drivers who gotten their driving license many years back, and had not been driving ever since. I will go get one for my dad!!

Stephen Chan – Will be more effective if they give to those always got demerit point. The decal will be a thumb down and demerit awarded with a level showing how many points already accumulate from he start driving till now. Force them to put up on both front and rear wind screen. so that when ppl see these drivers … They will Siam them far far or be very careful when they near these ppl. TP will also be more alert to these driver. Of course failure to put up mean court case.
Sorry above is just crazy suggestion.. If do implement .. Then …

Mitch Yogen – It will be funny after people who gets this sticker gets demerit points!

Chan Chia Kang –  Hmmm..decal for? Any perks to come along? I dun need other road users to know I’m demerit points free….

Yeo Tiong Lin –  For those who qualifies for the Badge, I suppose a letter from Traffic Police will be in the post shortly? lol

Eeleenz Liang –  it would b gd if there’s another kind of reward like rd tax rebate…. so tat more motorist will drive better OTR. w tis decal, i dun think it helps.

Nigel Smoovee Loke –  Maybe the TP should work with companies like Waze and update them any road accidents, live traffic light updates and you name it since Singapore’s first in smartphone penetration.
Charles Knight –  Hopefully won’t see drivers with this decal on Singapore Reckless Drivers
Jeffrey Chew –  Erm… Better to keep low profile… I don’t want to attract attention to some jealously people, doing mischievous on my car after seeing this badge.
Davy Devaraj –  One area that needs addressing is the current state of giving way to emergency vehicles. Time and again i see ambulances getting stuck in traffic. There needs more to be done on this issue.



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