Auditor General Report: What Did Singaporeans Say


Auditor General Report: What Did Singaporeans Say?

The number of lapses detected points to a weakness in the People’s Association’s monitoring of CCMCs’ compliance with its financial rules with regard to tenancy contracts,” said the AGO

PA has informed the AGO that is has since obtained covering approvals for the tenancy contracts. Good to see PA taking proactive steps in response to the lapses identified by the AGO. · 66 · Likes

Shows that AGO is Independent.  · 69 · Likes

The government should be applauded for the high degree of transparency. The lapses in government departments are not covered but listed for future improvements. AGO is professional and acted correctly.· 49 · Likes

Good that they knowledge and reviewing their procedures instead of pushing the blame to others..· 42 · Likes

The Mainstream Media is Definitely Biased Against Opposition, especially WP. The Tone of Reporting is Angelic towards PA & other Government Agencies’ Mistakes, but Ultra Negative when directed towards Opposition Parties. The Singaporean Electorate is Mature & Knowledgeable Enough to Make the Right Choice in the Coming GE. No use Arguing on Social Media.· 26 · Likes

Good to know the independence of the AGO! Audits are important and processes must be tightened. But at least monies are accountable for the agencies and for one even a police report were filed. And this highlights that our Govt is not worried to do the right thing even if it makes them look bad.Unlike some others where audits were still unable to find out what went wrong…· 15 ·Likes

Omg! MSM bashing PAp! Lol! 
Btws….don’t see the PA trying to give no comments or lame excuses
 · 29 · Likes

Found lapses. Reported immediately. No cover up even if it is awkward and embarrassed the G. Fixed immediately. No cover upunlike AHPETC. their own auditor highlighted many times many years ago, still hiding. Still not fixed. · 72 · Likes

These audits have been reported every year, and it’s re-assuring to know that AGO is independent and transparent. It’s also good to know that processes are in place to prevent future lapses. · 23 · Likes

Civil Service so huge, sure bound to have lapses flagged.. So as long as the same mistakes is not repeated, then okay.
Cant say the same for a puny town council. 不做, 不看, 也不想。 · 16 · Likes

This is Singapore. You know who you are, be prepare to accept the punishment. · 16 · Likes

A case of true governance and transparency! · 38 · Likes

People should now be convinced of AG’s independence and professionalism.Will WP and AHPETC still try to play the victim card after this and claim fixing by the government?

The Government of Singapore does not take kindly to matters that smells anything like corruption. High level Government directors and officers had been criminally charged for matters as simple as a $700 iPad, corporate gifts and Brompton bikes.

It is the attitude towards wanting to maintain a clean and corrupt free administration that is what makes this country so successful.This exchange between Worker’s Party’s Png Eng Huat and MOS Jospehine Teo explains most clearly the lasaiz faire attitude taken by the AHPETC towards the same Auditor General.

When told about the AHPETC discrepencies, Png Eng Huat simply asked the Parliament “Which other Ministry doesn’t commit mistakes?”

The swift rebuke by backbencher Jospheine Teo went something like: “Never had any of the Ministries and Organizations taken an Auditor-General’s report so lightly. When a mistake is found, parties scramble to resolve and ensures it never happens again.”
· 17 · Likes

Oh my, AGO fixing PAP too! · 28 · Likes

AGO has been impartial. Good. Catch these slackers.· 26 · Likes

Every year, the AGO would audit various government agencies. It is important that we and our public/civil service are accountable and transparent in our operations.Yes, sometimes we may not be aware, so when lapses are highlighted to us, what do we do to prevent future lapses and to right what has been wrong?

Good to see these government agencies responding to AGO’s findings and putting processes in place to prevent future lapses. · 20 · Likes

AGO is doing a good job. With them around there is actually no need for oppositions to do check and balance. · 30 · Likes

ST not bias? AGO not bias? Why are you fixing your own people?!
But anyways, looking at this, All the affected government bodies acknowledged the lapses and going to rectify is. Good!· 43 · Likes

Well done AGO! You are impartial! AHPETC please learn from PA and step down for investigations! · 31 ·Likes

Thank goodness our Govt is incorruptible. Only when the top is clean, no one can go around playing punk without unnoticed. Those who are involved ought to be punished accdgly.· 25 · Likes

Good! Know your mistake, admit your mistake, no need to wait for people to chase for an answer. Bold enough to apologize and step down to give an answer to people.

Yes, you may have done wrong! But I respect you! You did not shield away the responsibility and you are man enough to admit.Lets hope similar type of mistakes will not be repeated again.· 24 · Likes

So…why hasn’t the AHPETC ones step down? · 21 · Likes

Good to know the independence of the AGO! Audits are important and processes must be tightened. But at least monies are accountable… · 52 · Likes

Every year, the AGO would issue these statements and it’s good that we are accountable and transparent in our dealings.Yes, sometimes we may not be aware, so when lapses are highlighted to us, what do we do to prevent future lapses and to right what has been wrong?Good to see these government agencies responding to AGO’s findings and putting processes in place to prevent future lapses. · 38 · Likes

Report from CNA

Auditor-General’s Report highlights lapses in administration of grants again

Auditor-General Willie Tan flagged four areas for public sector entities to pay greater attention to: The administration of grants, tendering and management of revenue contracts, management of contract variations and related party transactions.

In the report submitted by Auditor-General Willie Tan to President Tony Tan Keng Yam on Jul 1, four areas were highlighted for public sector entities to pay greater attention to:

In the report for the previous Financial Year released in July 2014, lapses in the administration of grants and commitment of public funds were also highlighted.

In the latest report released on Wednesday, the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) said: “The common weakness observed include failure by the public sector entities to ensure that the correct amount of grants are disbursed and conditions for grants are adhered to. For proper accountability, it is important that controls and proper mechanisms are in place to ensure that grants are used for the intended purposes.”

For issues in revenue contracts, the AGO said: “These lapses raised concerns on whether the key principles of open and fair competition, and transparency, had been upheld.”

Other areas cited in this year’s report were lapses in procurement; controls over information technology (IT); and the management of assets.

Auditor-General Tan also flagged concerns over the lack of documentation on “decisions, actions taken and matters with significant financial implications” in the areas audited.

“AGO is aware that maintaining records requires time and effort, and hence AGO does not expect every issue to be recorded. However, AGO is concerned when entities are unable to produce any evidence of … key considerations when decisions were made at the material point in time,” he said.

The public sector entities singled out in the report include the People’s Association, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, the National Parks Board and the Institute of Technical Education and Singapore Polytechnic. In the case of the PA, a Citizen’s Consultative Commmittee chairman fail to declare conflict of interest by awarding S$32,000 worth of contracts to a company at which he was a member of senior management, and had approved S$114,767 of his own claims. He has since stepped down, and an investigation was completed on Tuesday. PA has also taken immediate measures to ensure the lapses do not occur again.


In the course of the audit, the AGO said that it carries out test checks of internal controls of selected areas in Government ministries and other state bodies. These include checks for “financial irregularity, excess, extravagance or gross inefficiency leading to waste in the use of funds and resources”. The AGO also takes into account complaints received on the use and management of public funds and resources.

According to the Auditor-General, the annual report covers selected audit observations that are typically more significant in terms of monetary value, frequency of occurrence and impact on accounting. Minor lapses are also reported if they point to significant or systemic weaknesses in internal controls.

Auditor General Repot - Letter to President Tony Tan

Auditor General Repot – Letter to President Tony Tan

“The audits give assurance to the President and Parliament on the proper accounting, management and use of public resources. In the process, they strengthen the accountability of public sector entities as custodians and stewards of public resources,” the Auditor-General said in the report.

He also noted that the AGO conducts audits on a test-check basis, and thus may not reveal all irregularities and weaknesses. “However, they should help to uncover some of the serious lapses.”

All observations from the audit are conveyed to the respective ministries, statutory boards and other related bodies by way of AGO Management Letters.


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