As I am driving down MCE,Marina Coastal Expressway , I am grateful.

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I was driving through Marina Coastal Expressway the other day. Then I remembered all the rumbles and complaints from detractors. Whom insisted that it was poor design and waste of monies.

I think in parts the signage had improved a lot, except I believe the part if you exit the MCE and try to get back to AYE in Marina south area. Other than that what these people failed to realize is – it is not just an expressway.

MCE is an engineering genius, requiring it not only to dig underground surrounding soft sea clay, the reinforcement needed, and yes – underwater!

If you think about it silently, it also marks how much a nation had progressed – from mud road, bitumen road and now not just roads but engineering architecture epitomes. How well a simple road is maintained actually reflects immediately how well that country is being ran. Don’t have to look far, just look north! Where a pothole can cause my precious low profile tires to burst!

Yes, we have to bear with the inconvenience in traffic condition when “PWD- purposely want to dig” need to lay new bitumen on our roads. How often do you see those big yellow giant machines in Malaysia?

Look at the bigger picture, with better roads, businesses connect faster! Loved ones get to meet more often! Emergency vehicles reach hospital faster! Etc (not to mention I look more sexy when I drive my top down!) and many more incidental reasons and implications with better roads and connectivity.

As I am driving down MCE, I am grateful. I am grateful for a country and their leaders who are not corrupted where $1 spend on the road is spend on the road. Unlike some countries, the state budgeted $1 but only 10cents are spend on the road.

So next time, when you are driving or sitting on bus or cab, take a few seconds to be thankful for the roads. First to the workers, engineers, planners and finally our leaders.

I am grateful so should you as you commute daily on roads.

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