Amos Yee Appeal Saga – Let This Ah Beng Explain To You


Limpeh spent three hours to read and try to understand the whole case about Amos Yee Appeal. The more I read, the more angry I am. So I want to speak out on behalf of all the Ah Bengs.

Actually it is very simple. Let me explain to you.

When I was in primary six, I was already quite tall. I got a teacher who is super katek. One time, while he was teaching, I was also talking loudly disturbing girls. He yelled at me and made me stand outside. So after his class, I went to the principal and made a complaint. Now, here is the trick. Instead of focusing on the thing I did, now I turn the table around and say I want to change class. the teacher punished me because he is jealous that I am taller than him.

By this request to change, I am confusing other people that my teacher is the problem. Not me hor!

And Amos Yee’s lawyer is doing exactly that. If like that also can. I think, every time they sentence me to Changi, I will appeal and say I want to change judge because the judge sees me no up.

Now, sekali for some strange reason, the Court say ok, I allow you to change the judge. Then what is going to happen?

Limpeh will ask all the judges to fall in. I will slowly choose and pick lor. I will choose auntie auntie type because they say I am an auntie killer.

So you  see, If everyone gets to choose what judge they want. Then you can imagine that the court will end up like a fashion show.

Come on! Common sense. Where got criminal choose judge one?

So, now I hope you can understand.  I never pass my Sec 4, but I know this type of thing cannot happen. I also don’t want Singapore law system to become like that. But I tell you the true lah. People like me always respect the law. Even though sometime we go against it. But if we kena caught we will admit, and we will go inside. It is only those study high high that will play the system around.

Contributed by Chow Ah Beng


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