Accountant Questions Sylvia Lim And AHPETC’s Accounting Practice


As an Accountant, here’s my argument with you Sylvia Lim!

You said “We emphasise that AHPETC has ensured that payments made to FMSS are in line with and within the budget provided under the tender awarded.”

So that means when you awarded the contract, you MUST know that the Town Council will run into deficit, shouldn’t you ALERT your residents at some point in 2012-2014 and look for solution (which is to increase the TC rate again) instead of keeping quiet?

You have failed to understand the very basic of budgeting!

Next, you want to build a 1st world parliament, but you can’t even attract enough people to clean your town, have you asked yourself why?

And the only MA who bid must be your supporter, wouldn’t you be able to negotiate with them since you know their rate is going to almost “bankrupt” your beloved Town and affecting no one else but only your dear supporters?

What business logic is this?

$300k flat professional fees?? That’s $25k per month! Why do they need to factor this in their cost before bidding for the job?

Don’t you think 在情在理,you should be questioning them for your own people’s sake?

And lastly I sincerely hope the cleaners employed by FMSS are paid at least 50% above the market rate as compared to all cleaners employed by PAP TC’s MA, since your MA is charging in accordance to the comparison, almost 50% more than other MAs, technically they must have bid at this rate due to cost roll up which means their cost must be higher.

Don’t worry Sylvia Lim, MND’s letter will not be putting you in disadvantage position.

Your supporters have compared this to the like of our Ministers’ pay and Our CPF scheme, so you have successfully convinced your supporter that you are a good opposition to vote into parliament. They will continue to support you de!

Nothing will change their mind and simply we couldn’t be bothered to do that either.

We are only interested in the people sitting on the fence!

People who will ask, am I important if I am a resident of Aljunied?

Do I want to vote in someone who cannot even run a TC well!

So let’s leave it to the people in Singapore to judge whether have Workers’ Party run the TC well since GE2011!!!


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