8 Types of Singaporeans that could not celebrate Singapore Botanic Gardens Becoming UNESCO World Heritage Site


Everyone is celebrating the the Singapore Botanic Gardens making it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thousands of people pour in their well wishes in various MSM platform. However, out of the magnitude, there are a handful of people, for whatever reason, just could not be joyous about it. This is what they say.

Source PM LHL

Source PM LHL

  1. The Geow (Extremely money conscious)

    Lim Mun Kit next headline will be ticket admission to botanic gardens …

    RS Danny And oh yes, don’t start charging us to go into Sg Botanic Gardens ya!!!

    Kenneth Kwan Provided authority do not get carried away n begin to impose tariffs for entrance just by lamenting operation n maintenance costs to keep its heritage. Cos I have seen n witnessed many heritage sites sanctioned by UNESCO become top tourists draw but a bane to locals having to pay high fees to enter.

    Ong Chan Confirm ticketing

  2. The cold water splasher

    Au Kah Kay It’s nice on paper to have a UNESCO World Heritage Site but tourists won’t come to Singapore just to see the Botanic Gardens just as Kew Gardens is not the main reason for visitors to London.

    Donnie Goh Penang used to have great Waterfall Garden…but now all turn upside down! !

  3. The Politicise Everything

    Bruce Wee How is it possible when a dead villain said Singapore was nothing but a fishing village 50 years ago?

    Jefri Huang Walau-eh…got award only, the $8 Khaw so fast posted a blog about it alrdy. Got problem, leave it to the next minister. Simi lansai minister… Cantonese say ‘chiong-geng-tou’.

    Lukas Godfrey So does that mean the PAP government was around a 156 years ago? You know, this country couldn’t have possibly functioned without an aristocratic government, right?

  4. The Xenophobic

    Antonius Budianto Good !! Pinoys and Pinoy maids should stop picnicking here. Respect the world’s heritage site

  5. The animal lover who refuse to pay

    Chia Adrian Please feed the swans. They are always hungry. And please don’t start charging entrance fee for the Gardens. Thanks.

  6. The financial controller

    Ong Heng how much did this cost our TAXPAYERS?

  7. The Enochlophobia

    Janice Tan Confirm getting crowded soon. Sigh.

  8. And the “Honey, you very bad one”

    Nafeesa Mohamed U didn’t take me here… Fathima Sidikka


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