It’s worse to be Anti-Singapore.



It’s one thing to be Anti-Foreigner.

It’s another to be Anti-Singaporean.

It’s worse to be Anti-Singapore.

Ever more so from a parliamentarian hopeful from the opposition flavor.

by Fabrications About The PAP


Some of the comments  :

  • Once again, another example of idiocy. Everyone should share this. 
    People like Alex Tan do not wish the best for his country, he wishes the best for himself, not even the best for his party, he has no party loyalty whatsoever. Once again, oppose for the sake of opposing. I am 15 years old and I can see how irritating this guy is. Shame on him. Everyone who sees this post, please share it.
  •  quote Alex Tan – 8 May 2012
    <My girlfriend is a S-pass holder ….
    We intend to get married this year but family planning or baby making is a no-no until we settled down in either Sans Franscisco(her cousin’s family is there already) or Auckland(my preference). >

    Isn’t it amazing that people like Alex Tan who refers to NS as National Slavery, was able to even garner a single vote for the election much less the 49,851 votes with his RP team? Seriously, what are we voters thinking?
  • It is regrettable that such people are allowed to run amok in our streets spreading their subversive propaganda.
    To even have him impersonating as a PAP Party member is disgusting and I am most surprised that we haven’t sued him … for this. Regardless, such people, as I have said and will continue to say so, are nothing more than glory-grabbers interested only in making a name for themselves at the expense of Singapore’s welfare. We ought to have had him deported since he wants to leave Singapore.
  • People like him make me sooo ashamed to be Singaporean. It’s disgusting.
    There were so many foreign born athletes representing their adopted country but most supporters will rally behind the athlete that carry their nation’s flag. Sad, that some Singaporeans do not. Sadder, that some Singaporeans cheer as the nation’s athletes fail. (Many commenters on Yahoo Singapore’s Facebook page also share his view)

    Over 70% of Singaporeans have roots traced back to China, so why so anti PRC? Embarrassed of their race or something? Singaporeans complain that Chinese nationals or new citizens are not integrating into society but how do you expect people to integrate when Singaporeans sneer at them. Treat them as individuals not generalize them into what you expect them to be.As for Alex Tan, why isn’t he out of the country if he have decided to quit. It will be better for the nation that he is out. And if he is out of the country, why is he still so obsesses with Singapore/Immigrants etc? Can’t move on with his life in his dreamland and continue to be so antagonistic.

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