Resident Disappointed That GE2015 Candidate Don’t Even Know Basic Fact


Dear admin, Like to share that today I was at my parents’ studio apartment at Anchorvale Rd, Blk 327b. 2 folks from workers party came knocking on our door. One of them identified himself as Koh Choong Yong, the 2011 candidate for Sengkang West. He asked if I owned the apartment. I was amazed and asked if he knew the whole floor were studio apartments meant for retirees. He looked at me with a sotong look – I think he genuinely didn’t know. I am surprised that a candidate that campaigned for the estate did not even know the basic facts of the estate he wants to win! And whilst we were driving off, we saw them again, and one of them was hiding in a corner smoking!

Told my parents better vote properly, not just any ah Beng ah Seng!”

Reader's submission, about her interaction with Workers' Party candidate

Workers Party (WP) Koh Choong Yong photo-youtube

Workers Party (WP) Koh Choong Yong

Reader’s submission, about her interaction with Workers’ Party candidate



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  1. Think you might be highly educated, and why ah beng n smoker cant go for election, he might be a smoker but if he can fight for the future for himself or benefits to the ppl who vote him, in this world too many is hidden when not discover, i do come across the mp just the movie show, you ask hundreds of questions, he give you ONE answer “i will help you write a letter to them” luckily he was out from election, I don’t need to say who is he nor which party he from, just wanted to say 不管黑猫白猫,能抓老鼠就是好猫。

    ****but I have to agree know your basic before you joint the war****

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