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  1. Boey Seng Fook on

    This is a BIG, BIG sham. You can make one posting error in transferring monies to the wrong account but you cannot be committing the same error time and time again. The council members, management and everyone involved are the poh-chap attitude. A big disgrace to say the least when you are out there in public and most of all managing Public Funds, monies from the masses.
    They keep repeating they take responsibilities – what responsibilities are they taking about. This is just more BS.

    Questions had been asked many times, repeatedly but they are shameless and able to stand in front of parliament and the cameras and continue to utter complete rubbish.

    I really look forward to see that parliament will implement changes to address these taking of the public funds and distributing to their friends, daylight robbery – through the front door as stated very clearly by our law minister. I was expecting an ultra strong response from WP to this accusation but surprise, surprise there was an even a whimper nor a whisper. SHAMEFULLLL!!

  2. Boey Seng Fook on

    If Pritam Singh does not understand what is transparency, he should learn to keep his mouth shut – remember the saying, if you keep your trap shut no one need to know you are dumb.

    He has this stupidity to tell the minister that he will answer to him if he is a member of his GRC. What an idiot!

  3. Boey Seng Fook on

    We are told that AHPETC had overpaid by about SGD1.6 MILLION a year for the past four years and we have these gallant incompetent members repeatedly claiming that no money had been lost.

    Come on, wake up – where is the excess SGD 6.4 MILLION. This is what has been squandered if you ‘learned’ members do not understand what had been told to you repeatedly.

  4. A probable defence from Chairman S Lim to Minister K Shanmugam when told her house is on fire..

    Ms S Lim “I totally reject that. How can my house be on fire when the WP is here to ensure Singapore is fireproof”

    Maybe we need a fire insurance (from another check and balance opposition party?) to insure against WP’s fire? I’m confused

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